Dungeon speed petition


I am starting a petition to remove the default speed (sloth / granny on a crosswalk) and replace it with a suitable speed between fast and boots of speed. I enjoy watching whirling dagger strut slowly (unless she is invisible) but dear god the heroes go backwards when defaulting to slow after every new floor.
Who is with me?? (Unless petite dagger wielding ruffians is not your thing)


I know it would harm your boots of speed sales, but there has to be a happy medium for f2p


Just putting it back to the way it was would be a start, so that it remembers the mode you were in on the last floor and on your last visit


There should not be a slow and a fast speed period (non boots speeds). There is no reason anyone would ever want to use the slow speed. Ever. The slowest speed simply should not exist.


Yes, walking speed should be independent of battle speed in dungeon. The fast forward button should not dictate how fast you walk. Then this God awful glitch would never have happened. Or yeah it probably still would have somehow​:joy::joy:


I agree it shouldn’t go at normal speed ever, it’s just far too slow to get any meaningful grinding done timely. Increasing to 3-3.5x seems reasonable as well, shoot I don’t even run the dungeon except dailies unless I’ve got a 5x speed because of the time it takes to grind higher floors.


This comment !!

No way in hell would anyone ever use super slow motion
Takes 2 weeks to cross a hallway space at that speed


I agree 100%! We have to spend too much time in the Dungeon already - no slow walk speed. Resetting to turtle speed every floor makes me not want to play at all. Please fix!


Just make 2x speed a vip 12 perk. I think people would really like that.


VIP 5 here.
I wouldn’t.


When dungeon first opened … You could double tap fast forward to double speed to what speed boots give you now…
Perblue saw this as a bug… Capitalised on it and now we pay for something that was an original feature/bug of Dungeon.

Making it a VIP perk just makes the expenditure to get it even worse

Your logic baffles me



I’m still waiting for them to monetise the floor zero bug.
I need to carry over my shrines.


I logged it as a ticket last week, per blue said they aware of it and would be fixed in the next update. Theres update rolling out today but wether they fix this glitch remains to be seen. Slow speed default on dungeon to force boots usage, why alter the speed code anyway?


Ok just realised the update happened overnight and guess what…dungeon speed didnt get fixed. Shock shock horror


I’m guessing you are vip 12​:joy::joy::joy: way to think of the little people.


If you spend enough, VIP 12 are the little people :rofl:


Signed, but yeah, it’s not gonna happen…

I can’t even stand doing the dungeon for the dailies… -.-


Would like this post a hundred times if i could.


Nah, I’m VIP 0. I just figured it was a solution Perblue would really like.


No because free players need it to. If we could all walk fast we get more influence. Making it takes forever now. And just because your a high VIP , means nothing to people who are not a VIP. Don’t think of your self. Think of everyone who tries to go into the dungeon.