Dungeon speed petition


Couldn’t agree more! I’d like to use the dungeon more, but I can only stand using it with boots of speed atm, which obviously isn’t practical.

If the default speed was set to boots of speed then they could always introduce another consumable- perhaps something to reduce torch usage?


What vio do ya havw to be to get that …


Tries to squint…
Still can’t read this…

Id love to know what you just asked me :joy::joy:


“What vip do you have to be to get that?”


Yes… But to get what??

I don’t know which one of my comments was responded to :joy::joy:


I think they just meant that “hypothetically” how high would your vip level need to be for this increase.

Or maybe they misunderstood and thought this feature is already in place.


Ahh I see… Yeah there’s no vip perk in place for dungeon speed and tbh there never should be either
Bad enough we have to buy speed boots (or as freebies from events)

Basic dungeon speed should be as fast as a tournament fight on super fast forward.
Then add boots on top for extra umph

That’s my thoughts anyway, easy to manual dungeon on fast modes, so I can’t see the issue with a little extra speed


My issue is torch duration. They burn way to quickly and think may ne of the shrine offered two level for the oil it would help. Alot of times I’m almost two the end of a level when I get the oil js


OK so shall I divulge a tip for saving torches in endless

If torch oil isn’t close to the start…
Hit Shrine and leave the floor
Forget the fights and chests

If it’s close to the entrance
Get it first
Clear whole floor all fights all chests

Trust me you’ll save hundreds of torches that way
Chest drops run concurrent so you’ll get same items along the way pretty much anyways
I’ve skipped many chests along the ap and still earned enough to do what was required


I will likely never make it to level 12. I am at level 7 and I have been playing for well over 2 years. I am on a very small disability payment and can’t afford to pay for more than dailies and a very occasional $4.95 item. Even that is pushing my luck, so this solution is absolutely unexceptable to me and I am sure I am not the only one.