Dungeon won't work?


Hey everyone so I recently tried to start level one of the dungeon but anytime I click something it says follow the tutorial arrow but no arrow shows. Anyone else have the same issue?


I think that was a known issue. If you send a ticket to PerBlue they should be able to fix it for you.

(Send a ticket by clicking your character from the main screen, scrolling down, clicking support, and then ‘Report a bug’)


Thanks for the answer to this problem. I am having the same issue as Chantsy. Hope this works🤞


How long did it take for the bug to be fixed, because I am having the same problem.


I’ve sent a report 3 times now. Dungeon has never worked for me to this day. Incredible lack of response by Devs


Hi there! As we announced here, we were out of the office. Today is the first day back, and we’ll be going through the backlog as fast as we can.


Thanks IronAngel. Mine was last Dec.29. Till now not working and I’m level 47 already :grin:


Thank you. My dungeon works now. :smile::kissing_heart:


Hello brother i sent a trouble ticket on dungeon also its for account SLICEMS CLAN hope it is fixed soon missing out on a lot of exp,coins,gems,quests and gear becuse tutorial wont progress also i attached screen shots to the trouble ticket… UPDATE 1/14/18 …Thanks to all tech team and supporters You have fixed my problem i can now go in dugeon no problem and only lost 1 week of items and EXP thank you all for the fast work i know it would have been fixed faster if not for the holidays thank you and please keep up the good work if you havnt already please close my trouble ticket


hi. Dungeon does not work for me.
Account : ccAC



Posting here will not get anything fixed. Please submit a ticket in game: Support -> Report a bug. Keep in mind we are backlogged, so our reply times are longer than usual.