Dungeon's Hunger

A little known fact about the Dungeon is that it hungers for two things: Souls and Gossip, and we’re all out of Souls. Feed the Dungeon with your most outrageous rumors about each Hero before it’s release for a chance to WIN! Ten random players will be chosen for a chance to win 20 Torches on Tuesday, September 5th! Who knows, you could even eventually see your quote in game!

Some ground rules:

  • KEEP THINGS PG! This means NO mention of sex (including sex acts, and the sexual orientation of others), any obscenities, drugs, politics, religion.
  • This is also not the place to post hateful comments aimed at other players or PerBlue.
  • Keep entries short, max length of one sentence.
  • Can have multiple entries per post, but multiple entries will not increase chance of winning.

Once Shield Maiden found her way to the other heroes, she reported: “There was a big monster in the dungeon who stole our sheeps (those six from the war map) while you guys were busy with those wars all the time! Now it is time to get them back!”

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Rumor has it that Shield Maiden was actually Princess Portals servant and used to be friends. But sadly that all changed when Shield Maiden’s parents disappeared. Now Shield Maiden is on a quest to find her parents and bring them home!


Everyone heard that deep in the dungeon is a treasure filled with Diamonds, Shards and gold (lots of gold) But it won’t be easy to get to because it’s guarded by an unknown force!


I heard Princess Portal’s diamonds are fake.

I hear Noob Hero wears brown pants to hide his poop stains.


I hear Princess Portal secretly thinks that the proletariat should seize control of the means of production, but doesn’t say anything because she enjoys her luxurious lifestyle too much to risk losing it.


PerBlue decided to go to war against the evil Goat lord after an anonymous post regarding dangerous goats and sheeps lurking in Guild War areas with the intend to sabotage wars and confuse guildies,


The goats had to retreat to their dungeons and are currently trying to grow in numbers to launch an assault. We can only slow them down for now.

Rumors say the army of goats will eventually fight multiple guilds in a co-op world war. Where every defensive tower is guarded by a hyped dungeon lord.



I heard Ginger Beard dyes his beard now because it was starting to gray and he didn’t like the name Gray Beard. He prefers to live in his youth, apparently.


Did you hear? Apparently, Howling Claw ‘stole’ the seventh sheep from the war map!


Apparently, Storm Wizards first visit to the dungeon was cut short when he found a mysterious lighter that extinguished all the torches. Luckily, Spell Binders almost feline sense of direction managed to lead the party to safety.

As she stared at the old wizard outside of the entrance, her mouth was described as “the thinnest of thin lines”.


Rumor has it that Light Warden was cheating on Stone Guard with Ginger Beard. It wasn’t until Light Warden accidently used Ginger Beard’s hair dye (yes he dye that beard), now Stone Guard knows something is up. Princess Portal is spreading some wicked rumors.


Rumor has it that stone guard hates playing rock, paper, scissors. She hasn’t won in decades because she always throws rock muahaha!


“Cogmaster uses a giant wrench as his weapon because he has to compensate for his poor performance in battle.”

“Elder Mohawk can’t grow hair anymore which is why he treasures his Mohawk.”

“Feral Brute is really just a mutated sheep from the guild war map.”

“Forest Hermit hides his appearance because of low self confidence.”

“Ginger Beard doesn’t get his nickname from the color of his beard, but rather because he set his beard on fire when he was younger.”

“Grizzled Hunter often kills his own teammates to get a regeneration buff.”

“Hex Witch actually loves holy things but is too afraid to admit it.”

“Highwayman says a bugbear took his ear, but he actually just accidentally shot it off.”

“In private Howling Claw refers to himself in first person.”

“Despite her name, Light Warden loves the way the Hollows look so dark.”

“Loyal Squire abandoned his old master to a Hollow.”

“When Mass Destruction lies down, he’s often mistaken for a turtle.”

“Mystic Punk steals from others because he’s never had anything he can call his own.”

“Nightstalker’s scars are from when he was practicing tossing knives in the air but failed to catch them.”

“Noob Hero acts like he doesn’t know anything, but he actually knows how to stay alive better than anyone.”

“Princess Portal often betrays her aspect group.”

“Rogue Bowman tried to be a sharpshooter once, but couldn’t hit a single target with a gun.”

“Satyr Fox preys on the dreams of others because he can not dream himself.”

“Scarred Brawler acts tough because he’s actually very emotional.”

“Shield Maiden can’t say the name of her own weapons.”

“All Skull Buster really wants is someone to love him.”

“Spell Binder controls others because she can’t fight for herself.”

“Stone Guard is actually made up rocks, boulders, and a LOT of dirt.”

“Storm Wizard didn’t hole himself up in his tower for study, he’s just antisocial.”

“Swashbuckler stays in the shadows because he sunburns easily.”

“Totem Prince is ruler over the wild lands. Aka, ruler of the guild war sheep.”

“Void Caster loves taking life from others because he doesn’t feel as though he’s living himself.”

“Wander Woman has explored the entire world, yet is still useless as a teammate.”

“War Blade’s sword is actually a replica. She lost the real one.”

“Willow Druid actually used to be an Oak.”


Rumor has it that Elder Mohawk’s real name is Archie.


That Grizzled Hunter one had me dead :joy:


Rumor has it that Ginger Beard hoards red bull to fuel his fury.


Rumour has it that Wander Woman gets paid more for this game than her big screen counterpart


Rumor say Skull Buster like fluffy cat

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Rumor has it that Swashbuckler puts on his socks left-to-right and his pants right-to-left.