Dungeon's Hunger


I heard that Forest Hermit croaks like a frog when he sneezes.


Highwayman has a pet Gun hidden in his Pocket


Rumor has it Stone Guard is actually a guy.


Totem prince became distressed when the original name of this game changed from totem quest to portal quest, and he has started campaigning against it


Rumor has it that Howling Claw actually prefers to growl.


Umm the use of the word “sex” should be more clear not just unusable, for instance not used In derogatory or perverted manor. Because I wanted to use it in a different way but I’ll replace it with the word gender.


Stone Guard - is upset everyone keeps thinking she’s a male, so she has been thinking about having a gender change.

Princess Portal - Once got lost in her own portal for years before she figured her way back out, before that she was only known as Princess.

Ginger Beard - He wants to shave his beard off then become a peaceful Buddhist Monk and make beer, he wants to call it Beard Beer.

Scarred Brawler - Use to get beat up all the time by everyone, so he hired a martial arts master to teach him how to fight.

Forest Hermit - Lives in the city and hates the woods, he once burned down a huge forest on purpose.

Feral Brute - Once was a CEO of a major steroid producing company and wore a suit and tie everyday.

Totem Prince - Use to be a real totem who was worshiped by a ancient tribal tribe of totem worshippers.

Noob Hero - Thinks he’s the greatest hero of all time and doesn’t know the meaning of the word Noob or why people call him Noob Hero.

Mystic Punk - Grew up as a wealthy rich brat and his love of punk music got him disowned by his family, he later learned that he liked country music more.

War Blade - Believes in a peaceful way of life and doesn’t understand why there has to be so much war going on around the world.

Light Warden - Prefers the dark and once went around at night smashing out all of the lights in her town.

Rogue Bowman - Still secretly works as an assassin for the royal court and was once hired to kill Princess Portal but failed.

Swashbuckler - Started his days a lowly deckhand on a pirate ship, he had to swab the deck everyday and clean the head.

Grizzled Hunter - Has never actually successfully killed anything while hunting and is a terrible shot.

Storm Wizard - Would rather cast storms then heal people, he actually can’t stand healing people.

Loyal Squire - Is very ambitious and will do anything to anyone at anytime to become a real Knight, he’s far from Loyal.

Satyr Fox - Wants to be a fat cute cuddly kitten and be pet everyday, and be fed lasagna by hand.

Spell Binder - Lost her binder full of spells and stole everything she knows from every other hero she has met along the way.

Skull Buster - isn’t the brightest bulb, he commonly attacks the wrong heroes and gets confused easily.

Cogmaster - Hates building things, he used a wrench to start a strike in the factory he was working in and has been trying to get rid of it ever since.

Willow Druid - Likes to transform in the birds poop on the heads of her enemies, she herself doesn’t understand why.

Highwaymen - Got his name from being a stagecoach robber in his early years running the highways between towns.

Void Caster - Doesn’t actually know how to cast a proper void no one has ever seen him do it, he has kind of faked it in tell he made it.

Mass Destruction - Has never destroyed anything and it seems as though he’s not very good at trying either, but still he tries.

Hex Witch - Would rather make potions with flowers and herbs, though her potions seem to only make people sick.

Wander Women - Wishes she was Wonder Women, when she’s by herself she even dresses up as her and pretends to lasso things.

Nightstalker - Is afraid of the dark, he won’t even travel alone when it’s dark out.

Howling Claw - His claws aren’t very sharp, he also use to yelp instead of howl.

Shield Maiden - Use to be a maid for the King himself he still doesn’t like the idea of her using a shield.


Ginger Beard’s beard is rumoured to be made out of the finest cheese in Portal Quest.

Howling claw avoids using his claws because he is afraid of breaking them

It is rumoured that Warblade has a twin sister that is immortal.

Highway man wishes for peace and shoots light bullets with helium inside of them

It is rumoured that voidcaster seeks happiness by feasting on Hero’ souls.

It is rumoured that Elder Mowhawks axe was crafted of the finest metals in the Universe.


Spell Binder? More like Smell Binder. Like she smells, you know? Haha I make a funny.


I heard Wander Woman quit wandering because of a player!

Because he was labeled a weakling as a child, Scarred Brawler spent countless time toughening up to earn his scarred name.

Feral Brute made the mistake of stealing Spell Binder’s spellbinder once… and couldn’t move from a single spot for a week!

Beneath her rough exterior, Stone Guard is a gal who wants all the sweetness and romance a Swashbuckler could offer.


Rumour has it that Whirling Dagger came to this land from far away, from a desert known as Gerudo.


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