Duplicate items BUG hell outta me!

Hey I’ve played PQ a long time been leader in just 1 guild (Sweden) for a year. A recent example of 1 issue that’s been bugging me and several others is… Ie. Reward in contest gold torch… I have used 10k stamina just to currently get 1% (not my issue) but! If I go for 1st place you get gold torch stamp … I’ve already got gold torch PQ REALLY should NEVER EVER give out same reward ESPECIALLY IFF COMING 1ST IN RANK CONTEST … Ie ifff it was a better reward I would use maybe another 10k to 40k Stam packs but I used 10k stam packs just to get 1% probably dropped or will drop to 5% by Monday… contests are why an why I am spending 100s of pounds a month (near vip15) … please make contest rewards better!!!

Edited rewards ranking are alot better this time I’m 6th atm … I’m looking at getting 1% as no diamonds for 5% !! Madness… used 10,000×60 Stam 2k torches so far only 24hrs in2 contest soo… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


All I read is:

Dear per blue.
The contest rewards aren’t great, but I’m still spending 100s of pounds a month.

Are you going to change anything…?

I think the answer is quite apparent


Could’t put it better myself

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Maybe we’ll get contest exclusive cosmetics as that will be the only way they’d be able to use cosmetics as a contest reward since somebody somewhere could have the one they would want to use

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Or maybe it’s so someone else can get that reward. Someone who didn’t get it last time. You know, share the love?

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So many inappropriate comments about sharing the load with your mouth…

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Should’ve seen the inappropriate gifs when searching that too :hushed::eyes:

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I thought EXACTLY the same SueyJitSu :see_no_evil::wink:

Nice to see what others think an yes despite my rant I still spend 100s pounds a month lol

Sorry but can’t u see why the rewards suck lol, not to be funny but geez no wonder they keep the rewards so poor when Pep’s like u spend 100’s see if peps like u (no offense, or nothing against u) never spent 100’s a week they would make rewards better to reward for spending but as u peps spend, spend, spend, anyways why should they lol, u lot are crazy in these games.

To be faiiiir, the rewards seemed okay, for the amount of time I spent to achieve them…

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