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What is posting the same question twice, and why do people think it’s more likely to be answered?

To be faiiiir, enchanting is just a way of making heroes stronger on top of their gear.

If you enchant lots of heroes it gets exponentially more and more expensive.

It only lasts for that rarity, so is a balancing act for lighter spenders , against saving resources for next cap raise.

To be honest…
Free players shouldn’t do it at all.
Light spenders shouldn’t either, or maybe enchant their top five heroes for team power ratings.

Whales , well they’ve got to be super competitive so can spend the millions of gold for a tiny boost.


Who are whales being super competitive with? Having the highest possible total power?

Enchanting really is useless and I hope whales aren’t falling for it.

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I enchanted some of my purple gear hero’s on s4 just for a laugh before merge goes ahead.
Yeah… Erm didn’t help me much at all in endless :rofl:

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Crazy, isn’t it?

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