Earning Stamina


I really like this game. The one thing I have found is that it’s hard to promote without purchasing stamina. Even with the diamond purchase, one can run out of resources quickly.

Any thoughts on adding another way to earn stamina through the game. It’s really hard to stay competitive if you aren’t leveling up each time and also trying to gain resources in the contests as well.

TIA, and look forward to any thoughts or suggestions I’m missing.


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I can get by fairly well. Here’s how to get as much stamina as possible as a f2p:

  • Look out for stamina purchases for diamonds in the diamond shop. (Fortress rewards, arena rewards should give you enough)
  • Join a ‘good’ guild. With luck, members will buy the gift your guild stamina deal. This gives you (usually) 115 stamina packs per guildie that buys the deal.
  • These are the main ways to get stamina… however you can get some small add-ons via weekly rewards, seasonal rewards and other bits and bobs

The first two are the best ways, and will give the most, mist often

Hope that helps



If u join a guild u can buy stamina in the guild shop if they post it in the shop and if they r smart they will have it for sale. Plus the free stamina sign in during the day at the posted times. Other than that look for the bundle packs that they sell that r stacked with stamina and buy ur diamond bundles then. Thats the best way to get a ton of stamina. Which was suggested earlier

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