Egg and Magpie in elite campaign

Any news on when Egg and Magpie will be in elite campaign? @Loutre @Samm


Ascension shards in the shops alongside the hero shards?

Orrrrrr (better idea)…

When buying hero shards in shops for ascension-able heroes, they give you ascension shards too.
Much like the shard gain shrines in boss dungeons were upgraded to drop them both. Please… :slight_smile:

I agree with this. Let’s make it happen.

That all depends.
Are you ready yet…? :wink:

They’ll be added to the elite campaign in Wednesday’s update.


What times update? For egg and pie in campaign?

Usually around 11:15 CST

Announcement will come when @Loutre et al finish their “stand up, sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down next to me” meeting and small animal of your choice yoga…

Before / around lunch if your murrican.
Tea time for Brits, slightly later as you move across Europe.
Everyone else, work it out yourself :slight_smile:

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