Elephant in the room!


So PB is not going to fix the heroes that people exploited to get???
They are going to let them keep the 150 Axe shards, so when he comes back they already have 150 & to make it worse they gave those people another 150 shards to Alchemist…
Cheaters are rewarded 300 shards of impossible heroes?
PB what are you going to do to make this right?
People who don’t cheat & spend thousands of dollars are upset about this.
I opened a ticket & u guys replied like you were clueless?
So furious about this, worst release to date…

The 2 new heroes should have been disabled & released new heroes at a later date.
-S1 Chikybo


Umm, I don’t think there was an exploit that got it for them illegally. They either bought an early bird deal in which case they were given compensation in the form of the swapped in hero so they weren’t completely out or they completed a challenge that gave out the shards. Everyone is going to get the new hero for free on the 6th or so anyways.


@Major There was no early bird deal or any deals of any kind…I know how they got them & it was cheating or perhaps on accident but more likely exploiting


We are looking into this.


Level 50s get sign-hero shards which is also a valid way to get them. They got them before the hero was removed and then were given some compensation for acquiring a hero they can no longer use until a fix is in place.


How is this any different than players stockpiling mail for a token contest or to complete PL quests (like the ones for strength and vitality)? … this isn’t the first time players have received the new hero before the actual sign-in day (I remember this happened when Forgotten Champion came out) … it’s not like we asked PB to give out shards for the new sign-in hero


Hi Bubbles!
It’s completely different, because the rewards paid were not those heroes in the rewards.
It’s definitely the 1st time it’s been paid twice.


Did they really get 150 shards? On my level 53 I only got 20 alchemist shards.


@Oasis_Is_Finesse They got 300 shards total…150 for Brutal Axe & 150 for Alchemist


The only solution I can imagine is giving everyone else 150 brutal shards. The resources people might have put into them were real resources.


I think adding Alchemist to the Crusade shop would be fair


The whole situation was handled poorly…
If they paid cash for axe… Doubt it very much. Then reimburse that.
If they used resources to build him… Reimburse those only
Then when official release came keep him as they had him geared up
Not Hey we took a hero… Here’s another you weren’t supposed to have either.

Free shards for alchemist for all who missed out on sounds pretty fair to me


I agree PB could have handled the situation better … I don’t think anyone expected them to compensate with shards for the new sign-in hero … if the hero is still in our inventory (as is), then I don’t see a reason for reimbursement of gold/xp/resources … just don’t blame the players and say that they’re exploiting the game because it didn’t turn out in your favor … peeking at chests or wells is cheating but we still do it … double shrine effect for skipping floors was also a cheat that we milked until PB patched it … sorry you missed out this time



Don’t forget everyone’s favourite…
Floor zero :wink:


What is this “peeking at chests & shrines” thing?



Sorry, saw your other thread
Couldn’t resist.

It involves aeroplanes… :wink:

What happens on your phone, stays on your phone.
Without being able to communicate with the PQ server.
As long as you force close the app before sending the aeroplane away.

Would never do that myself , per blue .
Honest, guv.