Elite Raid Favourites

Yes, I know I have left.

But I thought of this idea, and it needs posting.

You know how there’s a Promote Favourite button?

A great QOL improvement would be an “Elite Raid Favourites” button.

Right now, I have to make all my non finished ascension heroes favourites, then…

  1. Sort heroes by favourites.
  2. raid all for a hero.
  3. Click arrow to next hero.
  4. Raid all for that hero
  5. Repeat steps three and four for each hero not finished.
    (This could be up to 20+ heroes, and will only get longer and longer each week!)
  6. Top up stamina where appropriate.
  7. When I reach the end, use 1 elite reset.
  8. Work my way back up to the top of the list.

That’s… A lot of clicking @Loutre

With an elite raid favourite button.

  1. Click button.
  2. Top up stamina where needed.
  3. Use elite reset and repeat.

That’s… Not a lot of clicking @Samm

For the sake of people that are still playing…

Make it so.

Mici really out this time.


I don’t believe you.

But this is an amazing suggestion…

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I know, right?

Why couldn’t I have thought of it earlier lol

I agree!!

Oh… Wait…

I am an extra online identity created by a member of a discussion forum, etc, to agree with opinions submitted under his or her usual online name…

Am I part of the sock puppet empire?

While we’re at it, could we place “Ascendable” but not yet ascended heroes at the top of the Ascension sorted heroes? This way we don’t have to weed through 60+ heroes to find the weekly time killer…

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