Ember's Summer Vacation!


It’s time for the Heroes of Ember to take their summer vacation, and they’re counting on you to show them a good time! Photoshop your favorite Hero into the vacation of their dreams for a chance to win 100 Boss Keys, 500 Torches, and 3 Double Dungeon Gear Scraps Items!

Here’s the rules:

  • Photoshop your favorite Hero into a vacation scene!
  • Respond to this thread with your picture for a chance to win!

Come Friday, June 29th, we will pick our three favorite entries! Have fun!




Wander Woman got inspired while visiting the Sydney Opera House, stabbed her sword into the ground and whipped out her flute :joy:


When Satyr Fox won a dream vacation of his choice, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation.


For those of us who aren’t super tech-savvy, is there an iPhone app that we can use to do things like this??? (I don’t have computer access ATM!) All suggestions welcomed and GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks in advance, everyone!

Princess Purple :unicorn:


Dragon Hire needs a break from his hard job in the dark dungeon. After month of many won fights against ugly dwarves and small foxes, he deserves it. His favorite place to go and his friends Ara and Edi you can see on the following picture. Hope to get some lols. Stay cool and enjoy the summer time.

PS: got problems with my wide screen pic so had to rotate it😫 hope its good to look at and not distorted.



Ice Berg doesn’t do sunny beaches…she goes where she feels closest to that once great city her kind ruled.

P.S. Posted this with my alt account and realized it, deleted it. This is the account I actually play, the names are similar enough. Lol


What play store apps r good for this?


Maleficent is upset that Void Caster is getting all the publicity.


How you enter a contest and for Sumer fun nothing like light warden wonder women dragon heir poney and punk kicking it on the bitch laid back siping on cool limnaid it summer and time for Sumer for for thes hard working herows


imageIce Berg’s summer is going to be very chill.


I just use Photoshop app on the iPhone, it’s overall easier to use than the computer version but it requires some practice :wink:


Mass Destruction heard that Hawaii was quite the “hot spot” this year and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for a little rest and relaxation in their new “hot springs” :wink:


Scarred Brawler is spending his vacation sight seeing in New York City. Here he is posing in front of the Statue of Liberty.



Life is a highway-man!


Kotten77 its the bed need some resting after some arena battles


Chaos loves cheese! He’s enjoying himself in cheese factory during his vacation…


After Months of tough training and endless battles with her Portal Quest buddies Hex Witch needs a well deserved break. She decided to take a few months off to go backpacking across Europe and take in the beautiful sights along the way…