Ember's Summer Vacation!






grave wraith and nightstalker vacation mode


Light warden heads to the bright lights of vegas, only to discover a hidden area…excalibur!!! Tournament of kings?! Thrusting her sword into the ground escaliburesque, she prepares to enter
this legendary battle!!pq2


Scarred Brawler Chilling in a peaceful lagoon. A stark contrast to his usual heated environment so he makes the most of his downtime letting loose and attempting to relax (he was unwilling to let go of his sword though).


After many chaos brought by his father, The Dragon Heir has decided to build its own empire and now is visiting an ancient capital of China, Xi’an, where many gigantic walls were built for defense and supremacy. Now it’s almost time for The Heir to take the promised inheritance


Here is Satyr Fox taking in every mobile phone game hero’s favorite pastime…WHALE WATCHING! jpg


Here’s Noob Hero joining in the fun at Gamescom cosplay.




Wow, this might just be our favorite contest yet, with so many wonderful entries! Without further delay, here are our three favorites:

First Place: @Marquess_Action_II!

Second Place: @Comtesse_Violet!

Third Place: @Kyle13!

Congrats to all our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!

  1. place was my favorite. Funny vacation😂
  2. place dont see that. Its no vacation, looks like a kitnapping.

PS: Ethian you all noticed im the only one who not only cut thinks out. Dragon has no weapon😉


Why would mass d go on vacation to a lava hot spring? Isnt that just his bathtub😂



just some of my guildies I like to view them as they should be :blush:


Haha! Nice! Super fun pics!


Is there somewhere in the lore that states what LAND this takes place in? Since you can’t go over the in-betweens I can’t do a full check so I was hoping someone knows. That cap is crying out for a “Make ____ Great Again!” Edit! :joy_cat:



Make ember great again …
Sure it’s called ember :thinking:
Hmm now my head’s in a spin trying to think :joy::joy:


Theyre definite good choices :joy:


Best one I’ve seen