Embertines Gift Contest!


Who needs cupid when Sparkle Pony is spreading the love today??

In honor of Embertines Day, show your appreciation for your favorite Hero by making them a special Valentine, and you could even win 100 Shards of that Hero! Make your Valentine however you wish, and post a picture of it in this thread. Glitter, construction paper, poems, and ribbon are all encouraged!

Tomorrow, February 15th, we’ll pick our three favorites and award the winners with 100 Shards of their chosen Hero!

Contest Rules

  • You must post a picture of a Valentine you made to enter, just text will not be accepted!
  • That’s pretty much it!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:I think pony is my favorite heros :heart_eyes:His skills Represent love。


Hope for all PQ community to have a great and special day. Happy San Valentines. Cheers


Totem prince has always been there for me ever since he came in my portal quest life


I wrote an embertine’s day poem for Satyr Fox;
“Let Me Be your Foxy Lady”
(I hope he likes it!!! :kissing_heart:)

Satyr Fox–
Let me be your foxy lady,
Lay those tunes down on the daily.
Your mastery of flute is so enchanting,
You charm all our enemies, and my heart is dancing.
It was your humble Slumber Chord
That compels me offer my love as reward.
You enrich us all with your Energetic Aura
And guide us forward, Dream Warrior.
You’re my favorite addition to the team yet–
Let’s make this an Embertine’s we’ll Never Forget! :two_hearts:



:two_hearts: HAPPY Valentine’s day!


Very fitting for the best hero around. Happy Embertines Day!


My actual in game crush has been Hex witch for 290 days now, but don’t tell her! :relaxed::relaxed:



Put your shield down and be my Valentine :sparkling_heart:





The Pony is my Favorite


Cute Valentine’s day card.





I love all! But I will love to see this rat


http://discourse.portalquestgame.com/uploads/default/original/2X/5/58a3fc3ec073353209cd02890c931a1b84c4f412.png be mine Valentine