Embertines Gift Contest!



Mi favorito para San Valentín es barbarroja, pero no le rompas el corazón, que con sus hachas te cortará en dos


Happy Valentine’s Day!



Go!!! I need more power for the batles!!!


I agree. HexWhich can be my Valentine



I like the sparkle pony!




excellente saint Valentin à tous les amoureux :heart_eyes:


Happy Celebrations and good luck in the competition. have some good ideas and talent when creating pics


Created this special for this contest. Sparkle Pony is by far my favorite hero! Happy Embertines day to you all!


My favourite :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:





your my Light



Dear, Wander Woman PSX_20180214_154654

Always know that I love you. I miss you every day. Although we remain friends and see each other, all the time we are distant. We both know what unseen feelings are beneath smiles and being cordial. I catch you staring at me. Why do we deny each other? I watch your mouth move, words just words. I fight the feeling of kissing your mouth for such a long time that the words stop and there is just us left without the veil of denial. There will always be love here for you. Choose to try again and it will be yours forever…



Salty Merc may be salty, but her yearn for battle and her attack power sure are sweet!


You are Not just the opener for the Portal to Love for me…You are Not only my Portal to Love…no…you are My love. ~PrincessPortal :two_hearts: