Embertines Gift Contest!


My Blood my Heart is full of your poison. But its a love Poison, that keep me alive. *Scion of Chaos


wander woman is my favorite happy Valentine’s Day everyone



:sparkles:Sparkle sparkle​:sparkles:
:unicorn:Pony so bright :unicorn:
:heart:️Will you be my valentine​:purple_heart:
:green_heart:And fight with me tonight :blue_heart:





I made these for my Valentines! Hand made by me today.





Happy Embertines everyone! :hocho::two_hearts:
Some love for Dagger~



Elder Mohawk, although you are a msn
Of a certain age,
You have fought tournaments, wars and battled,
And never backed down
You were always wiliing and ever ready by my side.
You saved my life more than once and stole my heart besides. :heart::heart::heart:


. Happy embertines make this holiday on fire






Sparkle Pony is the best
Found some shards in dungeon chest
He’s the hero I need most
To make adversaries ghost
Puking rainbows left and right
Enemies all run in fright
Sparking glitter on the floor
It will be there evermore.


Sparkle Pony 4life!


So I kind of went overboard with this lol. I may not be able to draw but I can code (kind of), so here’s what I’m able to do with 174 lines :smile:

If you like the song, it’s Rage Your Dream (Lover’s Mix) from Initial D (how fitting). Otherwise, I hope you enjoy :slight_smile: