Embertines Gift Contest!



Happy valentinsday :heart::kissing_heart:



Look at my beautiful valentine😍 I love you my little pony, always have, always will❤️❤️


Wow, so many great responses! It was tough, but we’ve narrowed our favorites down to these top three:

In Third Place we have @Marquess_Action_II! Thanks for the lovely Valentine!

In Second Place we have @Prophet_Green_IV with an adorable Valentine of Sparkle Pony!

Finally, In First Place is @Mama_Shark and her wonderful drawing of Whirling Dagger! Congrats!

Thanks to everyone for their participation and making this such a fun day!


Well first place i agree with but second and third? I guess they must be family…or money spenders cause theres way better…just portal quest showin favorites as always…really getting old and you wonder why no one enters things anymore…your lucky people still play the game with all the favoritism you guys show…let me guess iron angel was the judge…next time ill know not to qaste my time and not to let my wife spend an hr being the first person to follow the rules and do something nice


286 days… Entered every contest, followed the fb page, i used to give suggestions (in clan chat, highlighting towers plan war maps, complimented updates and reported bugs). After getting silenced by iron for no reason i still am nice every time. And that was never handled correctly either. Its sad to see how many people don’t take it seriously and get giveaways in the past almost year. I congratulate the dagger artist! As soon as i seen her artwork i knew we were all in trouble😜. For now i unfollow Facebook and we’ll be opting out of any future promotions. Good luck to everyone!


The Champion! Sharky rules!


:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: Personal opinion alert! :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

I personally was almost sure the one with the twins would be in the top 3. Perhaps they weren’t just looking for skills but also for creativity? You don’t know.

And about those two: They even still have their randomly generated names, so I’m quite sure they’re nor spenders nor family…

What I think is sad is how there are always some people who assume there’s favoritism or money involved. Say thank you for once…

Congratulations to the winning entries!


There is only 1 person I would’ve said this contest is rigged for and they didn’t win. While I personally would have picked different 2nd and 3rd place winners, congrats to all the winners.