Enchanting gear, exponential extortion?

I was wondering, why is it that when one goes to enchant heroes’ gear it gets insanely extortive?

Many enchant the gear on their “go to” heroes and that’s well and good, couple of thousand gold, hero xp and red/blue, the by the time one gets down to the last few heroes its BILLIONS of gold, why does each hero enchanted get more expensive???

Why is there no balance?
Kinda silly, why not make enchantments a note basic cost?
Ssems way over the top…
Hero 1 all items enchanted 100k
Hero 20 1million?
Hero 50 27Billion!?!?!?
Hero 100 999TRILLION???



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I mean earn yer money, Per Blue, by all means, but please balance that out.

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Because it gives whales something to do.
A reason to keep clicking more than one day a month.
So they can feel special about their disposable income.

While the rest of us look at their inflated power ranking with a mix of derision and envy.


Lol, nice thanks for the snark, and condescension so glad you feel the need to be a negative troll on EVERY Post that you reply to pixie

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Non meta heroes don’t need enchanting.
Or gearing or levelling, to be faiiiir.

Just mark enchanting off, as a thing for people with more money than they know what to do with, so they spend it on a mobile pay to win game.
And keep hitting and beating them in war :wink:

I don’t see anything negative or condescending in this post.
Aaaannnndddd how is stating facts, trolling?

Everyone plays this game their own way.
Whales gotta whale.
Good luck to them.

Without them, none of us would have a game to play.
Keep it up :slight_smile:


Lololol :rofl::heart:

Calling people whales (which they are, I agree), is not condescension?

I do agree with ya, for sure, :blush:, more my curiosity than anything else. :wink:

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Actual per blue rep, talking about enchanting…

And I am happy to change the word whale to high spender.

But when per blue issue a whale stamp in game, as well as use the term themselves in their own discord , I struggle to see that only I am being condescending…


Ive been reading posts in general, you’re VERY quick to respond, factual, eh, maybe, thats subjective, the quick replies are generally “clever” and they do make me chuckle.
in essenc, that is INDEED trolling at its finest :wink::smirk::roll_eyes::rofl:

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Facts aren’t subjective.
Facts are objective.

Now they are subjective.

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Not looking for justification or you to defend yer point. I mean after all, “facts” (as you define them) are facts.

Troll is as troll does

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Q: why is enchanting exponential?
A: because per blue designed it that way.
F2P could boost needed heroes.
Whales have a challenge

Proof: in picture posted above

Extortion: the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats

No. Enchanting is not extortion.
Clicking the button is entirely voluntary.


Sensationalism is as sensationalism does


Mici is trying to be helpful. When s.o. answers a ticket quickly ( or gives you the Answer you probably WANT), then suddenly it’s not trolling. „ In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community“. Has nothing to do with answering quickly.

You seem to be relatively new, because whales were called that even when I started this game.

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To be fair, I don’t consider myself a whale by any stretch, but I’m not offended by the term. It seems to be an acceptable badge :wink:

On the topic of exponential cost, I’m on S8 and enchanting the six pieces of gear of the very last of the 77 heroes cost 1.5 B. Keeping in mind, I should actually track how it scales and see what the total amount would be. Geez, now I’m curious…


To be enchanting your last hero on cap raise day is impressively fast work.

I doff my cap to you, good sir.


That was Flint last Thursday. Yes, I know, kinda of stupid to do so, being so close to cap raise. Doh!

Admittedly, I was chasing top spot in the rankings again. I held it for a bit through the merge, but then some folks went crazy on Flint and maxed him out before I had a chance. Secretly I used the enchant consumables so I didn’t have to actually spend the 1.5 B

With today’s cap raise I’ll be back in the running I hope.

Oh and Good Luck today, we’re facing ya! :slight_smile:

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Everyone has to play the game their own way.
I have over 100 of those enchant items, and I would certainly encourage their use that late in the hero scale lol

I haven’t even logged into S8 yet, so my war defences shouldn’t be an issue for you at least :wink:

GL, HF and I’ll hopefully do better than I did against ROF


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