Enchanting gear

So the first hero I tried enchant all on it was just under 4 mil gold. I thought jesus, that’s a hefty price but it’s for my guild to help stay competitive, why not. So I do a few more. Then I realize that the heroes are getting more expensive. So I just think maybe the different sets of gear cost different prices. I get all my defenses enchanted, and start on cleanup heroes and such, and the prices are super expensive, to the point the cost has tripled or quadroupled… and I just like why would they make these heroes more expensive than something like merc or twins or monk… so I just start clicking through all the heroes… all of them are the same price… I increase one, all of the other heroes jump up to a new price again. Currently the going rate to enchant any of the heroes I have left is 18 million gold, almost 60k of each vitality and strength…

Why on earth does it scale up in cost for each hero? And why werent we informed that this would happen?
I def wont be doing this on any of my other accts, especially if it doesnt carry over when you promote.

It scales the more total stars you have, it was over 400mil gold for my final hero on s8, completely ridiculous.


Yeah, that’s what I gathered. So I’m curious as to why, and why werent we informed.

It’s like going somewhere to buy something, like water… I wall up to the counter with three, so he charges me a dollar for the first one, 2 for the second one, and 3 for the third… like what kind of logic is this? You penalize people for playing the game, you charge more for something instead of the same or less? Who the heck wants to spend 400mil to increase void casters stats a tiny bit… per blue economy… ruining this game update by update…


We were told this in patch notes, it’s the sixth bullet point under New Feature Enchanting. It says it’s on a tiered scale

I saw that part. But theres no details. It doesnt say how many stars, it doesnt give any details. I started doing them and no increase. I did like ten or 15 before I saw an increase. Ok cool. I’ll continue. Then it jumps up, ok it stays a few. Then bam, you’re at quadruple the cost. Wheres the details? When do these increases happen? What is the percentage increase, does this reset daily? Does it reset when you promote? Etc etc. I’m pretty tired of new functions being thrown in with the most minimal details. If I had known that the increase was going to be so ridiculously high, I would have never started using the resources in the first place. But if I want to take it back I dont get those resources back so now it’s just a waste all around

15 heros were I believe at the same rate to allocate ease of use for freeplayers to have 3 good squads of their choosing… Then for completionists it’s scaled just because revenue needs to have a steady flow

I dont play anymore and I know this stuff… What’s up with that :rofl:


Come back and teach us your ways @Cottontail


Yeah you knew the rates at which it increases? And at what amount of stars it increases?

I’ve seen the 400million enchanting costs and I can say wholeheartedly

Thats the most insane amount of resources required to make a hero suck a little less than they already do

Imagine void caster being your last to upgrade… Yeah 400m to make a dead hero have one last gasp of air before throwing him back to the knackers yard :innocent:

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What I will say though and this is facts

Thank everyone who scored over 10billion on a gold spending contest every month because without them pb would never assume everyone can afford these extravagant wastes


Yeah I’m a whale and the last time I saw 1billion gold was when I was at level 120 on server 4. I thank the ones that go way higher than neccessary for number 1 spot every contest.

I Blame Bob

400m is for the 60th hero or so. It only gets worse.

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I stopped at 50 toons… 300 million plus at that level per toon to enchant… Its billions of gold to finish them all!!:angry::angry::angry:

It was mentioned in the PB discord server…

Buuuuuuut not everyone has access to that.
I suppose guild reps should have passed this info on…

Hey @everyone… Important info about enchanting above :point_up_2:

Job done :muscle:

Greedy money hungry mo go’s bet you’ll not put this out on your server.
Game used to be good but not now…too expensive. Fank that I’m back on Xbox it’s cheaper. Robbins Barstewards

I’m wondering what the cost will be after Promotions, it said every promotion was reset?

You get 1/4 of the vials back from what I’ve seen.

So when the next cap increase happens and it goes from Red+8 to Puce, according to the notes we will lose all Enchantment on the gear we enhanced. If we did our 15 enchantments for Red+8, will the cost reset back to the baseline when we go to enchant gear for Puce characters or will it be at the same cost it would have been for our 16th Red+8 character?

The enchanting costs are based on the number of stars you have currently on your heroes.

So if you’ve promoted some, but not all, those stars on the previous gear rarity would count against you.

If all the heroes are promoted and have no stars on gear, costs would be the base coat for that tier.

As you go up the rarities, the base cost is a little greater each time.