Enchantment cost

I currently have no heroes enchanted however initial cost to max enchant a single toon has increased significantly, i cannot remember exactly what it used to start at but it was well below current level, vial cost also significantly higher, is this a bug ?

pretty sure it increases as hero rarity increases … soooooooo it is only going to get worse as rarities climb higher.
It’s a good thing you get increasingly copious amounts of gold when doing things like tower and and renting out heroes and getting those really really really helpful embershard fragments that give so much resources.

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Understand how it works , star based so each time a heroes get added to the roster the base cost increases, but jumping up exponentially each cap raise is crazy.

This is so far from the truth now its almost funny.

Been a high priority ask for some time now, come on per blue


They don’t boost your stats that much at all. Let’s be honest, enchanting is only aimed at whales with too much time and money in their hands.

If you aren’t that, don’t bother enchanting. You may be at a minor disadvantage but use your superior game knowledge instead.


Yes specs, I wont be enchanting anymore, o rylehs post, second paragraph clearly states its kind to f2p for first 15 toons though. Define kind :sweat_smile:

Lol… :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I haven’t enchanted toons in quite some time.
I find myself enchanting enough.

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I agree. I only enchant when I got freebies or to get tiers on gold contest. The benefits are not compensated by the cost. Issue isn’t so much gold as essences.

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Why does everyone keep referring to gold when talking about potion cost,I have to used diamonds in the diamond shop or from price chests,packs a combination of things you can spend real $$ on and in the honor trials.
I wish I could use my gold for potions, I have at least $500,000 in gold.

Have you seen the 40,000 + health jump on most of those toons? That is definitely worth it!

Have you seen bruja hitting for millions of damage in one hit?

Still definitely worth it?

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I wish I could use my potions for gold.

Orrrrrrrrr my hero shards for XP…

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Deal. 1 Hero XP per hero shard. @Pixie_Mici

See screenshot at beginning of the thread… It costs $37,000,000 to enchant a toon.

$500,000 gold ain’t much.

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Just don’t! Problem solved…eezee peezee

I get what is meant by the gold now for enchanting,lol
We only go to lvl 155,so I never pay attention to the the gold amount, only the potions because I’m always running out lol
Thanks for showing me that. What lvl toon is that! Jeez :hushed:

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Level 240 I believe :slight_smile:

Well that will be about 3 yrs of playing time for me,lol…
Thank you

Orrrrrrrrr a per blue rocket boost to catch s8…

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Yes… I have been playing for about 3 years now :sweat_smile:

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