End of Season War Rewards

I guess PB thinks a lot of new people are still joining PQ?? These rewards, minus chests, are no good for players who have been here for 2+ years, maybe even 1+ year. At least consider offering one regular hero and one ascended hero per reward. Otherwise for working our butts off and still being here, these are pathetic.

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/Sage goes in all fields

(Edit: yes, I can’t spell War)
(Edit 2: yes, I am preparing the popcorn, although given the lack of #2 guild arguing that they were robbed, I’m guessing nobody else cares at this point)

P.s. I have no idea how the season ended, but am looking forward to hearing about it endlessly for the next week… :wink:

#Guild 2 (and 3 till 7) agrees now PL rewards have been ‘improved’ (bring back PL skins please) they should go back to these together with elite resets fix maybe? :pray:

When one person can speak for six of the top seven guilds in your game, something’s gotta be wrong @perblue

Geez, people haven’t realized yet pb has no intention of changing anything more in the game. Maybe they will surprise me but this stuff hasn’t been touched in years.

You mean…
You’re not holding your breath for the 5.12 patch notes?

Not necessarily top guilds :flushed: But how people don’t know that we are happy with what we get astounds me.

Sorry, that was my misunderstanding.

Although I’m pretty sure that there will be at least one person out there with one account in nearly all of the top guilds lol.

Not kept up with the player migration levels, but to be faiiiiir is probably more prevalent now than it was last year… :wink:

Is it PQ 2: electric boogaloo time yet?

That depends on how many you consider top I would assume, but certainly yes. And it seems PQ 2 is not in the works yet seeing these patch notes? But it might be alluring more then before once again.

Thought/hoped you had quit.

PQ always keeps a hook in you

Oh, I’ve left PQ.
I’m kind of like HSV.

Once a game acquires Mici, they live in your forum permanently. They mostly remain dormant, but can reactivate from time to time and cause symptoms.

Certain triggers can lead to an outbreak, such as:

  1. Stress
  2. menstrual periods
  3. fever or illness (currently my son is recovering from COVID and my daughter and I have flu-like symptoms, but continue to have daily negative LFTs.)
  4. Somebody saying something stupid .

While many forums living with Mici only have one primary episode, or none at all, others experience symptoms every few months.

You might have more episodes during your first year living with Mici, but the frequency tends to decrease over time.

Much of the time, Mici doesn’t pose a major cause for concern, and symptoms will improve without medical treatment.

(Thank you healthline.com for the original HSV symptoms spiel)

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