Endless dungeon drop rate


I spend a lot of time in Endless because it’s a good place to get heroes geared up. However, once you get to the higher floors, only red+2 gear drops from chests, even though this gear also requires O+7/O+8 scraps to craft.

I would like to see this changed so that the higher floors drop high level orange gear and red gear as well as the red+2 gear to make sure Endless is worthwhile for players.


I would like to go dungeon before they correct this lol


Umm… I’m not 100% sure, but I think people complained about not enough newer gear being there soooo PB made more of the new gear available there. I actually prefer the newer gear being there. It’s pretty irritating to get purple gear when I only need red. Maybe you can reset so you can get the level of gear you need?


just accept that it was poor planning and development of the game … i’ll be happy when I stop seeing pony shards and purple gear items as a “critical success” on floors past 1000


Here’s an idea… maybe the dungeon could be “smart” and drop stuffs based the players needs? That is possible?


They are already investigating it, I made sure to mention it immediately after a few of us checked out the drop rates



I don’t like getting purple gear either- I was saying it would be good to get a mix of red1, red2 and o8 gear because I did a ton of grinding yesterday and only got r2 gear, which was a bit disappointing lol

@Cottontail thanks :slight_smile: I assumed it was meant to be that way, didn’t realise it was a bug lol


It’s happened previously… Think it may have been orange 2 rank when we lost all purple items in there
It’s an easy fix… Just need to come up with a % algorithm for the gear drops handed out


Unrelated, but I hope they can get rid of those terrible purple scroll jackpots at some point.


Yeah floor 5475 and you get that :joy::joy: