Endless dungeon scraps

Since the update, I only get purple scraps in endless and im at over 1k floors… Anyone else experienced that :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?

Must just be you mine is fine

I‘ve the same issue… only purple items.

@Cottontail After the update, I was still getting red scraps in endless. But since I moved to the next floor, I only get purple scraps.

Something definitely wrong there then.
Im getting red purple and orange every floor
Have done 82 floors since that screenshot above to double check drop rates

Ticket it and hopefully something can be resolved

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Yes, please send in a ticket if you’re only getting purple scraps (screenshot of your dungeon log appreciated). The team is investigating!

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I add a screenshot with my ticket @Polaris Already had an answer about a fix that doesnt need an update but I wanted to know if it will be mention in discourse when its completed ?

Yes, this has been fixed. We were able to fix it without an update to the server.

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Seems like its better but I barely get any red scraps in endless and in epic epic. Resent my ticket because its clearly not “fixed” at least for me :confused: But for now enjoy your chocolate :wink:

Am I still the only one with this problem ? Drop rates of red scraps are still horrible in endless and in epic epic.

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