Enemy lines/showing remaining health/logs

In war/fort/tournament yada yada I feel it would be nice to see enemy line up on the top of the screen. Similar to our heroes health/energy at the bottom.
I know they show up on the heroes themselves but often gets cluttered up when heroes overlap on both sides
Be nice to see definitively and clearly how opposing team is doing and how close u get to defeating them.
Which I feel could allow for a better retry with a new line.
Like if 1 enemy hero was at 5% health we could see that more clearly then retry with another counter hero in new line to get a better result.

Imo it would feel give a better clearer understanding of our enemy. And in part will open the game to newer players who, often just auto pick or give up or don’t know why their more powerful team lost.
Yes I know… it’s not about power. But seems a lot of newer players don’t know that

Added to this I think it would benefit most people by having battle logs with statistics.
What each hero did step by step… if possible
Why did half my team instantly die?
Log would show why.
Would make way for a better understanding of fights instead of having to learn xxxxx amount of hero skills and any new hero skills.

Personally I find it hard to remember what every hero skill is. I’m sure I’m not the only one.
But by maybe having a log as to how and why would make things more streamlined.

Any thoughts?

First idea yes.
Second idea no.

Although first idea would annoy players on small devices. Maybe an on/ off button.
First idea would be great for manual with alchemist

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