Epic Dungeon - Epic or an Epic Waste of my Time


Lol so many debuffs. Rip ^.^

You better bring 5 epic heroes. That way you get 5/2 times more drops every floor (statistically speaking). So even if u whipe at floor 4 that would be an improvment as if u cleared floor 10 with only 2 epic heroes.

Im at 30 epic shards for 4 heroes already.
Chaos seems to get priority at epic dungeon somehow. I put him in my team 3 days ago and he got 30 epic shards already


I was doing some Epic grinding over this past weekend’s contest and also noticed it is taking a huge investment of time and resources to get just a few Epic gear shards. I’m glad you did the math, Warchief… i was thinking it might take at least a week and 2-3 hours per day just to possibly get 1 hero their Epic skill… then i heard Epic gear itself has levels to grind too wth!!! If it is not fixed to AT LEAST give 1 shard of gear per qualifying toon in your party (as it was that 1 day where they secretly uncapped Epic keys), then this will be the death of PQ, im sure. People already spent many hours per day of their lives on this game before ED… now with the current drop rate of Epic gear, they are expecting another 2+ hours of daily grinding out of us to stay competitive??? This is known as not respecting your customers’ time/life… PerBlue please don’t expect us to spend half our waking lives devoted to playing your game, especially to grind something relatively boring and monotonous… because i assure you, we won’t.


To get 5 epic heroes should only take me another two months or so. LOL

I’m working on them, but there’s no joy in it. :persevere:


I think you complain too much, sincerely I think you want everything at the highest level and what you want now, without investing time in the game.


I am only complaining about the drop rate of epic gear items as you should receive 1 epic shard per boss fight. That is still a grind but no reason to get upset. I get pissed off when I do a run and see someone else with the same heros get to the same floor with an extra 10 epic shards. Makes you think who gets the lucky end of the straw when it comes to epic shards.


Epic dungeon is utterly broken. Unless you include a couple key heroes you wont be getting past floors 5-7. Which that alone takes about an hour grind for a handful of shards. Its insane and has been the final straw for a lot of players with multiple accounts giving up the extras and dropping down to a single server. The time commitment for the difficulty is simply stupid. I have 0 interest in obtaining the epic skills if it takes that much grinding. And if the lack of epic skills means I cant be competitive, my interest in the game will die as well. Per Blue need a to fix epic dungeon before they start losing more players over it.


It’s hard to even run this dungeon when you hit 2 floors, 3 bosses and 100% complete, for ONE epic shard.


My biggest problem with epic dungeon isn’t even with collecting shards, or the fact that every level up requires more shards and 5 hero shards. It’s the fact that you must sacrifice 2 other dungeon modes no matter what. If I’m doing epic that means I can’t do endless to get pony up 5* and collect tons of gear. I finished scion to 5* , but now have to go back to boss dungeon to get more scion shards to upgrade his epic skill. You literally can only choose 1 thing to do at a time. I think somehow epic gear shards need to be incorporated into endless dungeon, or something. This is spreading players to thin to keep up competitively.


Advice from Goat: tske that torch buff at the shrines. Stack it 3 to 5 times. You no longer consume torches while at epic dungeon.

Thank me later.
You can PM me some hermit shards. Ty ty ty


IoXe, do you even Dungeon, bro??? Seriously though, if you’ve been doing any Epic Dungeon grinding at all, you understand that these “complaints” are justified… you honestly would have to do ED for about 2 hours per day for 1 week straight to get roughly 100 Epic Gear shards/scraps… that could translate to about 2 toons’ Epic skills per 1 week of exclusive dungeoning… multiply that out by the about 15 toons who currently have Epic skills/gear, and that’s about 7 weeks of daily devotion to unlock everyone’s Epic skill (which starts at skill level 60), not including the other daily tap tap tasks in PQ… then on top of that, each toons’ Epic skill can be leveled up to level 95 or whatever the current server cap is, with each skill level requiring 5 hero shards and a handful more Epic gear shards/scraps… so my main “complaint” was that Epic Dungeon requires much too much real time out of peoples’ lives to stay competitive with the top 20 or so guilds, which means PerBlue doesn’t consider the fact that this game is supposed to be a fun way to pass time, not the focal point of our lives… this highly excessive grinding has already turned off and will continue to turn off many otherwise devoted players… but if you’re not high enough level and/or not doing ED, you wouldn’t understand


I do epic dungeon every day, I have 4 epic heroes, I invest my time and my torches, if what you are looking for is that they give you everything easy, what sense does it have?


You hit the nail on the head. Way too much of a time commitment for measly drops. Stingiest thing ever.


I agree to a point, they need to look at giving that boss’ shard plus epic shard as reward for that boss. Just a suggestion


@PSYCHO_SID You 100% of the time get an epic shard in epic dungeon. As long as all the heroes in your team have an epic skill that is.


I think it is easy,
Lazy people


Not all the time, about 1/2 the time I get purple or overloaded orange. All my heroes are orange 2, ready to go orange 3 . One of most popular items is pocket horror.


100% all the time if all your heroes are eligible for epic skill… there is a difference between being orange and being epic (just ask Trump) - if all your heroes have a hole/star above them they are epic and you will get epic scraps from every boss fight


Exactly this…
5/5 epic heros is 100% drop rate from bosses
4/5 epic is 80%
4/4 if you run 4 heros is also 100% drop rate


Nice work necroing a thread from almost a year ago.


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