Epic Dungeon - Epic or an Epic Waste of my Time


I only run epic heroes in epic dungeon. Wouldn’t make sense to run standard in there.


Well. Maybe you are a very unlucky dude then… Maybe the actual droprate is 99.9%. and your just that one person they decide to say fk you to.


It’s 100%
They’re either mistaken, or lying.

Epic doesn’t just mean Orange.
They need the cog shape too…

I know people already said thAt.
I’m giving the benefit of the doubt…


I get 100% drops from bosses with the above line.

If I was silly enough to take the line below into epic dungeon, I would get 0% drops from bosses.
In fact I would get no epic shards ever.
Which would be a waste.
Hence screen shot is from boss dungeon lol

See the difference?


Very true pixie. Very true!!


Yea in epic dungeon you need not just Orange hero’s but all ready to become epic if not you get purple and Orange scraps only.


Since i have both red and Orange team i get both scraps Orange and epic shards