Epic Dungeon - Epic or an Epic Waste of my Time


I only run epic heroes in epic dungeon. Wouldn’t make sense to run standard in there.


Well. Maybe you are a very unlucky dude then… Maybe the actual droprate is 99.9%. and your just that one person they decide to say fk you to.


It’s 100%
They’re either mistaken, or lying.

Epic doesn’t just mean Orange.
They need the cog shape too…

I know people already said thAt.
I’m giving the benefit of the doubt…


I get 100% drops from bosses with the above line.

If I was silly enough to take the line below into epic dungeon, I would get 0% drops from bosses.
In fact I would get no epic shards ever.
Which would be a waste.
Hence screen shot is from boss dungeon lol

See the difference?