Epic dungeon is too easy


Or rather, it does not scale.

I’m not bragging. Anyone could do this. I autoed everything and went for chests rather than speed.


Epic dungeon is too easy, but you lost 3 heroes hmmmm


My point was almost any two heroes with different aspects can carry 3 heroes with minimal stars, skills, and gear. The only strategy I used was finding the shortest path.


Epic dungeon was made for orange 1+ could beat it with a good team.

Do Epic Epic Dungeon


Erm. Epic epic isn’t harder.
It’s just faster burn torches and double drops.

Epic dungeon does scale
It scales with the cap.

Your heroes are five stars , red rarity and level 145

Try taking in a team of level 95 heroes.
Then try it with the same heroes on a server that’s just unlocked it and cap is 95.

You’ll see the difference


I don’t have the means to produce two sets of level 95 heroes so I’ll have to take your word for it.

I’ll restate my position as “I’d like to see another dungeon option that rewards players at or near the level cap for paying attention.”


Epic Epic Epic Dungeon
Legendary Dungeon


Legendary dungeon sounds fantastic. Please can we have this?


Insert the office no gif here

Gosh there’s enough dungeon to be getting on with.
The amounts of times I’m having to run this epic epic thing for scraps…
I just like to zone out while watching telly or listening to music and click click click.

Save my manual for wars and the occasional strong line in fortress and every five days in the third level of crusade.
That’s enough thanks :wink:


Red essences rightly or wrongly have taken the place of the legendary skill.

While the scarcity of essence is annoying, at least we aren’t having to grind and grind and grind for this, like the orange epic skill.

That would be bad


run this team and tell me it’s easy

I dare you to try

See that fury aspect shield grunt you won’t say it’s easy

If mix the aspects yes it’s easy…
Sheeshhh when was the last time I used a healer… Maybe when wizard got his epic

Come back and comment after you use this line


I manual all dungeon…
Endless boss epic… Bring it on :neutral_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:
Fast speeds is good practice for war hits :joy::joy:


Epic dungeon that includes nuggets influence and way more gems…

Yes please :joy::joy:


We’ve been here 600 days dear.
If you haven’t got your manual skills down yet, then I worry :wink:


Hahahah there’s always room to improve :sunglasses:
Even the best have to keep on training… Slack mindset creeps in and makes lazy players

Can’t go months on the sofa then run a marathon :joy::joy::joy:


You… Do know this is just a video game… Yes? :wink:


Hahahah Hmmm how do I answer this without sounding addicted to pq :thinking:

Let’s just say the last 2 years of pq have been quite the blessing for me, wouldn’t have it any other way :joy::joy:


Well if it were a legendary dungeon then it’s purpose could be for acquiring essences with a tougher boss to face to get them


Okay. I like that idea.