Epic Epic Dungeon - worth it?

From what I understand (haven’t been able to bring myself to spend 50 keys to find out for sure) Epic epic dungeon gives you twice the loot but torches are spent twice as fast. Am I right in thinking that that’s basically the same amount of drops per torch but at more than 5x the keys? What’s the upside?

It takes less time.

It’s slightly quicker…

It’s more than twice the drops

Torches are spent 1.5 times quicker I think

Thanks everyone! I don’t care enough about quicker to spend the keys, so I’ll stick with the 9 key one.

Each to there own :grin:

If you do any endless you have plenty of epic keys anyway

Twice the amount of shards, but yeah definitely costs more keys. But think of it like this, you get the shards quicker and don’t have to spend as much time doing it.

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Oh wow, those keys really do stack up, don’t they? I returned recently after being away for over a year (pre epic) and just did my first lengthy endless run. I’ll give epic epic a try tomorrow. Thanks all!

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You also get more chests and shards drop more often

Make sure to check shrines for torchlight then once its stacked 3+ times battle as much as possible while making way to exit
Youll hardly spend a torch
If you get lucky with it by floor 9 youll do 31 floors on one torch spent :wink:


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