Epic gear in the honour shop

@Polaris @Samm
just a quick question :slight_smile: , posted the same in the shop feedback thread, but I assume it has been lost in all the spam, as I didn’t receive an answer

Do all epic gear shards appear in the honour shop?

Eg. Could I buy some granny epic gear shards from the honour shop, or is it older heroes only

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I’ve never seen epic gear for the newest heroes, in the shop… So I’d guess, no :wink:
If you want gear for the new heroes, you need to grind, look for it in the guild shop or open epic gear chests (the chests won’t give you much), so grinding it is :joy::joy::joy:

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I’ve reset the shop several times a day this past week, and while every time it’s been shards that I need, still no granny.

So… No?

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I refreshed so much, and didn’t get any either. Just wanted to check it wasn’t insanely awful RNG

Errmmm Granny shards are always in the honour shop…

The honour shop always stocks the latest toon epic gear shards… Obviously you can do the usual Epic epic grind too…

I got most of my early epic shards in there…


You know the rules, Hun…

Pics or it didn’t happen!

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Looks like epic gear for granny…

See, now I believe you :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Pesky RNG.

Also… Get a better guild :wink:

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You can understand why I didn’t think they were there, yes?

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Jammy swine

Jammy, jammy, swine

Same happened ti me @Pixie_Mici . Tons for every other new hero, and no grannies

Ummmm… @Specs

Just saying :wink:

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I just refreshed 150 times

Guess what…? No granny shards :upside_down_face:

I mean, I can’t deny that they are there… but I can question their drop rate @Polaris @Samm

Another 50 refreshes. How many did it take you @Pixie_Mici …

Erm… Three.

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Specs: 200 refreshes, no granny gear
Mici: 3 refreshes, granny gear
Specs: ight imma head out

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It does go on the number of other heroes you need scraps for , I guess.

I only need scraps for a few :wink:

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Bleeding whales

Of course it’s because bleeding whales :roll_eyes::joy:

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Hey, I ground the dungeon to death for those epic scraps and charges.

And golden chests in contests rewards


Stockpiling for months before the servers merged and consolidating accounts helped, too

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Also… Zero resets today @Specs

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so how do I stop my heroes not “needing” gear so that I can get the dough (cookie)?

please say I don’t have to have the epic level at 220

I mean…

Whirling epic shards… hooray! Not to mention those void scraps…!

I’ll say no more