Epic Quest Missing

We have lost our Epic Quests since update

If an Epic Quest is claimed, it won’t be replaced with a new quest. We’ve found the cause of this and it will require a server restart. We’re planning to do this at 9:00 AM tomorrow (May 29). Once the update is done, guilds will have their Epic Quests available to claim.

Beta tester Bob really dun goofed this update :frowning:

It’s PLs relax folk, you should unnerstan b now

Quests still missing???

@Polaris we still do mot have epic quests

We’re looking into this.

Will we get 4 quests because we should have had 2 and time to regen another two @Polaris

Wonder what else is wrong besides epic quests. Been scared to do much

We identified the problem and will be doing a server update at 2:20 PM to fix the missing quests.