Equal Offers Please

Any chance S9 can get a little more double deals offered or maybe offer a little better bang for your buck? The deals on other servers makes ours look like a joke.


Patience, is the key here
We all had to wait for it

S9 is a joke.

Oh… Wait…

I mean, that the gear and level and skill costs on server 9 haven’t reached the high orange / red spirally costs of insanity that the others have yet…

Go look at S10.
Those deals would be worse I’m sure.
If I acknowledged the existence of it.

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Nope. Suffer! Like the rest of us! :rofl::joy:

Oh, but you didn’t have to…

Use as much gear as us.
Need as much stamina as us.
Equip gear it as slowly as us.
…Other stuffs my mind can’t remember.

The game has become much easier since the beginning. I’m glad we could help you with that! You’re welcome!

However, it wouldn’t be fair for you to have “equal” offers. Since what you consider “equal” is not equal. Maybe the ratio of deals vs level is the same… maybe it is already truly equal? I don’t know the numbers sooooo…

Keep grinding!


This OG S1 Player :grin::grin:


This S1 OG and S4 OG not the noob that u think but ok :grin:

You play the other servers.
You know the massive difference in costs of stamina and experience and gold.
But yet you still use them as examples as why the server that is over 50 levels behind and 10 gear rarities behind both of those servers should have better deals…?


I agree that the deals don’t look great.
But they are appropriate (ISH) to the grind.

They’ll need lifting as the server ages.

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