Essence drops in endless dungeon

It has been a little over 5 weeks now since I put in numerous tickets in game, highlighting that the endless dungeon no longer gives me essence drops on s11, after the red 1 update. My tickets now don’t even get acknowledgement replies. So I’ve decided to post here.

There are many others with the same issue as me and after some digging most people with the issue use IOS devices.

Please take this seriously and look into it.

I shouldn’t be doing 100s of dungeon floors and not finding essence drops at all.

Sort this quick please

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I’d love to able to test this for you but unfortunately I stopped playing a while back
Seems like there’s definitely an issue there though cause they should at least appear infrequently regardless of how many floors you complete

Have you gathered every chest per floor just to double check to use not missed any ?
If so then yes you need help from the overseers :wink:

Come back, @Cottontail

Even Steph has returned :slight_smile:

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Hahaha id love to but just haven’t the time.
Spent way too long being a selfish alcoholic/drug abuser… a change was needed before self destruction occurred.
these days my time is shared out to others less fortunate than I.
Tbh it has helped me to become the happiest I’ve been in a long time and I intend to keep on doing so :smiley:
I’ve lived my life, it’s best I help others to enjoy theirs too

I do miss this game and all you lovely wonderful people though :kissing_heart:

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Yeah I open every chest every floor