Events: How do they work?


From time to time, you may see Events (such as make a purchase, get bonus items!) in your Event Tab.

Clicking ‘More Info’ will give you details:

Some important things to bear in mind:

  • Events are tied to the time you make the purchase; if you make a purchase before the deal starts, or after the timer expires, your purchase will not qualify
  • All minimum purchase amounts are in a single purchase. In the example above, you must make one purchase of USD9.99 or higher to qualify; you can make two separate 9.99 purchases to get two deals, but a 19.99 purchase will not give you two deals


Even thou i never spend ingame,thanks for saying how they work!I bet some were wondering how they do :slight_smile:


The ones I want will always appear when I’m outta cash. Guaranteed.


I just come to say hi to HERETIC :joy:


Good to know. Thanks. RHO


I dont see these events on the war horn thing… only message i see is the free stuff you can get everyday.

Plus i remember when i started the game 3 days ago a message about getting a free 2 star hero… it dissapered.


Events are limited time offers, as the details say, None of them stick around for very long! Most even have a timer.


Do events come up at the same time of day when they appear? I ask so I can be logged in around that yime frame to see what’s going on.


I assume this included events like the elite and normal campaign double loot events that have been ran. It would be great to see a 24hr or minimum 12hr notice before these types of events are ran so that players aren’t hindered who spend their stamina ahead of time.

Thank you by the way for running that elite double drop for 48hrs the other day, much appreciated!