Every update screws up my accounts. Server 4 account Shambles lost


Every update my accounts get screwed up. Server 4 Shambles Guild missing.


Send a ticket


I’m looking at a Guild named The Shambles on S4 right now with a Commander sounding like your name.


Had all back for 5 minutes gone again. Now Server 10 1 and others gone. Fix before I have my killer stroke! Seriously


How do I get it back?


I’m LucyInTheSky 530 and desperately need to get a message to hockeygod on friends list can you send a message for him to email me? No idea how to find his email. Not sure of correct spelling for hockeygod. Please let me know.


Considering they fixed that recovery issue later that evening. You should just need to get the account attached to Google play.


Took money out of my account 3 times and i still didn’t get my diamond’s



For payment issues and account recovery, you have to contact support.