Faction Stamps Needed

Hi All, there appears to be faction Stamps similar to to Focus and Fury, but nothing for Finesse. I need them so that I can explain how factions work to Noobs. And is there an easier way to get them, besides waiting in hope? Giving you the ideas should be rewarded.

Guild… … . . … …

Just win Portal Lords.
RNG mate

Back in my days, stamps wasn’t invented

We talked in my guild about how things work
Together and we all learned it

Yeah true stamps give a good visual help

Doesn’t guarantee what you are going to get and there is no Finesse stamp! @Turtle Have tried talking thru but I’ve got a player over 100 days old and still doesn’t understand. At least that player has admitted to misunderstanding. What about the others that live in deniel? As this is the Feedback Corner, I am suggesting an improvement. A diagram in support might help.

There is…

@Turtle no diagram!

That’s finesse :joy:

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Wait Cotton hmmmm
Didn’t you quit?

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And Ram I told you :slight_smile:

Hehhe yep but doesn’t mean I don’t have access to my accounts still
Every so often it’s alright to beat up some crusade teams to pass the day by :yum:

yeah, just remember to have fun :slight_smile:

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