Farewell, Chat App

Though many fun times were had, PB has decided to turn their backs on sock puppet empire.

Though my time on the chatting app with a couple of additional features attached has ended, there will remain like 2 good players left.

Suppose I too should list the players and guilds of my time on the game :thinking:

Numenore a Andor, Uprising Souls, Tic Tac Turtles, Bog, Lex, Lady Lyn, and myself.

As for the old players who have left the game: Doc Feel Good, Crusty T, Adam, Wadda, and King of the North/Queens King.

For those who’d like I can send my Discord name and ID in dms.

Have a merry Christmas and do not buy the Linda meal at KFC.

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I am still here and I just noticed that my phone keyboard is pink.

Oh yeah , requitting than ? Well … if I and Tic tac must carry on the Sock Puppet Empire torch , so be it. " Muppets may come and go , but sock puppets are forever … somewhere … likely taking over " - Some Verywise Dude

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