Favor button in dungeon


Can the favor button be some where else besides right next to the take button, ive accidently favored the incorrect items but this may just be a me problem.


No it’s not just u, thought the same.


I’ve had to resort to left handed opening chests…
Less risk that way of me miss clicking


Being left-handed, and in the name of all those who are, I’d like to thank PerBlue for realizing how unfair society can be to left-handed people.

Now, we finally have an advantage: we can open dungeon chests without accidentally spending a favor. This means a lot!


As a righty I do not share this same issue. Maybe take an extra second to not swipe your hand across the screen. Patience is the better part of valor.


Hwahaa, lefties unite, we shall conquer the PQ world, with our 5 star ponies with beehives braided into their manes!


The favor countdown timer is also WAY too long after Favor #3. You get into 9-10 hours… which is just stupid. If you ever saved up 10 favors… it would take you a week or more!

I know server 1 is basically the beta server… but the countdown timer needs to be adjusted to a set figure of like 3-4 hours… not a fluctuating clock between 1 hour and 1 day. @Ironangel


I think the idea is that you do not accumulate all the favors and if you do it for some stupid reason, you have another huge reason to play again …
If you accumulate 10 favors you will have reasons to return to play the dungeon, because you will not stay that far …


I think it would have been a better idea to have a tick box rather than a button


The point of the clock getting larger is to add assistance to those who don’t have time to dungeon, but also add an extra benefit to those that do. If you log in once a day you will have a decent amount saved for your quick run, if you log in multiple times a day you will end up having more overall throughout the day. It takes 72 hours to reach max favour (9) so that means for those who may not be able to do dungeon daily they can hop on every 3 days and have a decent stock.


And those who are on daily… or several times a day… it actually punishes you because you’ll always have 1-2 favors… instead of the less active people having 9 when they log on. Gotcha…


Yes but on shorter cool down so over all you can get 3x 4 hrs each over and over so in thr 72 hrs you will have had 18 favor instead of 9.


It should be reversed… the more time you spend in dungeon, the faster the clock goes. The longer you’re out of the dungeon, the longer it takes. Why does it punish dungeon grinders?


It doesn’t, it rewards non dungeon grinders. Don’t reverse that. It’s still better to grind dungeon because you still get rewards, but it provides an extra for those who don’t have the time to be in the dungeon. That was also the goal according to O’Rlyeh in Discord: an extra for those who don’t have lots of time/patience for dungeon.


That’s dumb… so if you are active… well… good for you. But… if you check in every 3 days to the game… hey… we have a prize for you!!! Way to give the loyal players the short end of the stick…


That’s simply not true. I’ll take that symbolic stick and visualize it for you, if it’s that hard:

Effects of adding the favors:

Very active players now get extra rewards (roughly) once every four hours, when a favor refills. This is because they usually don’t have breaks of longer than 18 hours between dungeon trips (if you start with zero, after 18 hours two hours are ‘wasted’ on a more expensive favor).

Less active players (let’s say they do dungeon once every 9 favors, and that it takes around 2 days to let those 9 generate) get extra rewards every (48/9=) 5,3 hours.

This means that active players benefit more from this system than less active players. The large group just has a larger quantity of something nice when they go to the dungeon, but overall, they actually benefit less. I really don’t get why you’re complaining.


The favors should be on a set clock of 3-4 hours… not a fluctuating rotation of 1 hour, all the way up to 10 hours. While I totally understand why the favors need to be throttled… to prevent maxing out of epic skills in a week or two… I know that once I run out of Dungeon Favors for the day… and the next one is 6-10 hours away… I don’t want to play dungeon again that day.


If you use all favor you are back to the original timers (4hrs)


Deal with it instead of whinging about a system. As someone who works full time and had previously given up on epic dungy this now allows me to actively participate at a time that suits me and I get to catch up that little bit. Yeah I’m still behind and always will be but at least I can now achieve something that before favour was a complete write off due to time constraints.

Basically quit being so selfish and see the bigger picture. Life isn’t always about yourself


As an avid dungeoneer I had y doubts about favour being beneficial to myself… But there will always be at least 3 favour by the time I get back online after real life…

Brilliant when I pick and choose what to boost whether it be a 3600 influence trophy or epic scraps … Whatever it may be im thankful for the favour
Does help a lot and I can see why it would benefit yourself
The timers do need adjustment to be a little less of a wait after 4th favour but other then that the system is great for all players