Favorites for lines


not really sure where to put this as far as a suggestion. i think having a section in game where we can favorite lines we make would be a nice QoL feature especially for us newer players who are still learning what lines are good against certain heroes etc… kinda like where tournament has the load saved and such.


Can you not load those favourite lines everywhere else?

You can’t.

@Polaris why can’t we load saved lines from tournament in crusade fortress war and campaign?

Obviously if we’ve used the heroes it would just leave a space / dead icon.

Hopefully that will be a thing one day

Plus the chooser remembers a few on top of that…

I mean there’s even a saved crusade line in that picture (don’t be confused and think it’s a meta. Several of my heroes are dead at this point)

If it saves the crusade line anyway, why can’t we have a load saved button in it?

I feel a ticket coming on…


would deff be nice