February Sign-In Hero Swap [Server 1 only]


We have to removed Brutal Axe from server 1, temporarily, due to an issue with him crashing the game. This should resolve the crashing that you are experiencing in Epic Dungeon.

If you have shards for Brutal Axe, or have him unlocked, he will still be on your account, but will be inaccessible until we can fix this bug. We are replacing Brutal Axe with another new hero, Old Alchemist. Anyone who had shards from Brutal Axe will be sent shards for Old Alchemist once the server update is complete.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Old Alchemist

Old Alchemist was once a young, inexperienced hero, but a life of adventure and mistakes has left him a grizzled shell, as bitter and sarcastic as he is brilliant.

Old Alchemist is a Back-Line Support Fury hero who will be the February sign-in hero for Server 1.


Anti Magic Serum
Old Alchemist splashes the enemy team with a home brewed Anti Magic Serum, dealing damage to all enemies. For the next few seconds, any attempt from an enemy to cast their White Skill will instead result in them being Stunned.

White Skills cast under the effect of Anti Magic Serum will still consume their required amount of energy.

Time Warp Tonic
Targets the ally with the longest current cooldown on their Blue Skill with a Time Warp Tonic, their skill’s cooldown is fully reset and the next damaging skill or attack will be amplified.

This Hero’s basic attacks attempt to bypass normal threat targeting and hit the furthest enemy instead. Basic attacks and skills against the furthest enemy deal additional damage.

Energy Sap
Basic attacks and skills steal Energy from their target.

Epic Gear

Old Cauldron
A trusty old mixing pot made from an old and battered helmet. It hums with subtle, constant power.

Time Warp Tonic now targets all allies and heals them for an amount.


What about all the gold, xp, gear, etc. used to level Brutal up???. I have him 3 starred, full R+2 gear, hero aspect tier 2, and fully skilled. I used a crap ton of gold and skill points to get him there.


He’ll still be in your inventory, nothing will be lost. He’s causing the game to crash, and we have to remove him until we can issue a fix.


U shouldn’t have even had Axe…u guys got double lucky, PB even gave u 150 shards for alchemist. U definitely shouldn’t get back gold/xp/gear because u exploited to get Axe. PB shouldn’t have even given u 150 for the alchemist. I bet u even still have it when they put him back. Unbelievable u even asked & that they gave u another 150. It would have been appropriate to delay a new hero & take all ur axe shards.


So does this mean as he’s a hero the other forge guy is one too… The master cog master dude?? Oohhhhhh


I concur… Remove the glitched in hero would’ve been fair to community :wink::laughing:
On the other hand… As we missed out… Where are our free alchemist shards for being good players


Forge master is a hero…well hes a skin for cogmaster…so they’re the same @Cottontail


And old alchemist is just noob hero from the future come back in time.to help fight to hollow. @Cottontail


Mustve missed the skin…

You do mean this one right

Because these have different goggles and facial design is off… Leads me to think separate guys


How did some people already have Brutal Axe shards? Reading this thread I get the feeling that they abused a bug and now they’re being rewarded for abusing this bug by getting a couple of days headstart on the sign in hero for free. This doesn’t feel fair at all. Exploiting bugs is against the rules and is done at your own risk. You shouldn’t be rewarded for that.


Level 50s could get him legitimately via the level 50 reward. It’s arguable whether this “glitch” that they’re talking about is even a glitch.


It’s called sign in hero deals… 50 shards, stamina and so on for 20$.
No bug, spending does the trick…


I don’t think a deal had been released.

Keeping old rewards isn’t a bug either.


Isn’t it always on the first day of the month :sweat_smile:
Well, I don’t keep track on all the offers & I don’t know about server 1 to begin with :woman_shrugging:


That’s what I was thinking also.