February Sign-In Heroes & Shop Rotations

February Sign-In Heroes and Shop Rotations!

In this update we have the February Sign-In Heroes and Shop Rotations!

New Hero - Tabbigail!

Since the beginning of Ember, Tabbigail has guided the world away from disaster time and time again. Used to working behind the scenes, this mysterious cat has been summoned out of hiding by the king of a frozen kingdom, and is now striking out on a new adventure.

Tabbigail is a Back-Line Damage Focus Hero who will be available as the February Sign-In Hero on Server 1.


Impawssible Magic
Tabbigail casts a spell on the lowest Threat enemy, dealing damage to them and maxing their Threat.

Prey Upon the Weak
Deals more damage to a target for every 1% Health the target is missing.

Phantom Cat Scratch
Tabbigail scratches all enemies above a certain amount of Threat. They get Knocked Back, are dealt damage, and are Slowed for a time.

Energy Sap
Basic attacks and skills steal Energy from their target.

Epic Gear

Wand of Rin-Do
Tipped with feathers stolen from the nest of a roc, this wand can distract any opponent with its… feathery… flitty… I’m gonna… I’m gonna catch you! I’m gonna catch you!

When an enemy becomes the highest Threat unit on their team they take damage and are Stunned for a time.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops/Chests have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

New Hero

  • Tabbigail will be the February Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Father Forest and Baa Zooka will replace Short Stack and Steam Stroller in the Arena Shop
  • Frost Biter and Skull Buster will replace Queen Bruja and Hare Raiser in the Crusade Shop
  • Short Stack and Tempest will replace Frost Biter and Spell Binder in the Fortress Shop
  • Sassy Slasher and Twin Trackers will replace Baa Zooka and Noob Hero in the Guild War Shop
  • Happypotamus and Oasis Guardian will replace Bone Barron and Knight Errant in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 8

New Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Drama Llama and Owl Bear will replace Prize Fighter and Spark Phoenix in the Arena Shop
  • Tubby Traveller and Knight Errant will replace Soul Phoenix and Rogue Bowman in the Crusade Shop
  • Green Bandit and Furmiliar will replace Exiled Empress and Splash Phoenix in the Fortress Shop
  • Valkyrie and Lion Knight will replace Tubby Traveller and Twilight Archer in the Guild War Shop
  • Macabre Medic and Whirling Dagger will replace Green Bandit and Ember Wisp in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 10

New Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Twilight Archer and Grizzled Hunter will replace Brass Monk and The Grizz in the Arena Shop
  • Spark Phoenix and Oasis Guardian will replace Shield Maiden and Loyal Squire in the Crusade Shop
  • Wandering Sword and Serpent King will replace Sizzle Phoenix and Twin Trackers in the Fortress Shop
  • Knight Errant and Stone Guard will replace Wandering Sword and Wander Woman in the Guild War Shop
  • Old Alchemist and War Blade will replace Spark Phoenix and Ice Berg in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 11

New Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Owl Bear and Satyr Fox will replace Noob Hero and Forest Hermit in the Arena Shop
  • Twin Trackers and Salty Merc will replace The Grizz and Totem Prince in the Crusade Shop
  • Ice Berg and Swashbuckler will replace Shield Maiden and Mystic Punk in the Fortress Shop
  • Lion Knight and Willow Druid will replace Owl Bear and War Blade in the Guild War Shop
  • The Birdbarian and Nightstalker will replace Twin Trackers and Stone Guard in the Royal Tournament Shop

Will this update need a client update or is it a roll-over?

It will roll over - no client or server update needed!