February Sign In Heroes


Hey everyone! It’s a new month, and time for some Sign-In Hero changes!

February Sign-In Heroes:

unit_birdbarianServer 1: The Birdbarian
unit_shieldmaidenServer 2: Shield Maiden
unit_shieldmaidenServer 3: Shield Maiden
unit_totemprinceServer 4: Totem Prince
unit_voidbringerServer 5: Void Caster**

Other Hero Location Changes:

Server 2:
The Birdbarian replaces Highwayman in the Royal Tournament Shop
Highwayman moves to Chapters 11 & 12

Server 3:
Noob Hero replaces Princess Portal in the War Shop
Princess Portal replaces Mystic Punk in the Fortress Shop
Mystic Punk moves to Chapters 5, 6, & 7

Server 4:
Satyr Fox moves to the Arena Shop

**Server 5 players, since there hasn’t been a full month to collect Void Caster Shards, he’ll stick around as the February Sign-In Hero!


If it’s not too late, please make some changes to the shop heroes on server 1; especially the ones in royal tournament. Adding Ice Berg to either a shop or the campaign would be a nice touch as well.


I still need shards for the epic heroes :frowning: