February War Changes

Some months ago we gave feedback on proposed war charge ideas. They are being implemented day after tomorrow. Is PQ keeping all the changes they proposed, were there any ammendments, has the new format been announced somewhere and I missed it?

Don’t be silly!


Not to be divulged to players before season starts

State of the Game January 2021 but that’s a month ago

It takes them more than a month to change anything, so I’d take that post as gospel.

Until they tell us all different tomorrow :wink:


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Eh 8 characters

Thank you, thats very helpful!

We aim to please

Looks like the season will last 2 months.
Then again there seem to be 5 guilds in Challenger before we start.

Ha yeah we have two already in challenger on s11

The war hasn’t reset correctly. We’re looking into it!

Sigh. So no crown resets after all? Were any changes implemented or is war the same as it was in January?

@sticker_jenni read this

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Oh now thats funny because when we look at it we get this

Sorry you can’t be #1. Ours shows this

We’re all number 1

:rofl::rofl: damn I was hoping :crossed_fingers:

I blame Bob

We’re all winners… deal with it

(Or Losers, depending on perspective hmmmmmm)

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