February war season?

When is the next war season starting? The countdown says 32 days :roll_eyes:

I’ve got the team looking into it. We’ll make sure war starts correctly on Monday.

Thanks for confirming back, I assumed it was just a glitch

Dammit Bob!

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The same happened to me :rage:

We’ve fixed this!
Players were able to claim the correct rewards for the end of the season. The problem was there were extra boxes that were empty. We’ve removed those boxes so the crash shouldn’t happen any longer.
Thanks for being patient!

Boxes are still showing up as empty with 11 left

Ours are showing last 7 as empty

Do they still show up if you restart the game?

Yes they do. If someone started to collect prior to the fix… then they have to go through and click and collect the empties… and then the app force closes.

If you didnt start to collect rewards before the fix then it works as normal

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I hadn’t logged into war for two wars prior to the season ending.

So I hadn’t started collecting war rewards yet.

I still got seven blank boxes at the end, and a force close when I was finished.

So, no. The fix didn’t work.
My alt hasn’t opened war page yet @Polaris

I guess I could leave my defences as they are if you wanted to try and fix the fix…

The crash was fixed, and the next time you log into the account, you shouldn’t have the empty boxes again.

So, you have to log in, log out, and then claim reward

Then knees bend, arms stretch, rah rah rah?

Yes, you do have the empty boxes, if you started collecting the rewards before PQ did the fix. Before the fix you were able tonexit out of the rewards boxes but when logging back in, it only picks up where you left off and you still have to deal with the empty boxes. Ive gone through this with about 15 ppl in my guild.

Its only normal if you didnt start collecting before the fix was implemented.

Doesnt really matter, everyone gets their rewards either way extra clicks or no.

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