Feedback: Dungeon

Dungeon has received a number of major makeovers in the last few releases and we’re curious to hear where players stand on it after 1.7.2!

  • What is your overall take on the direction Dungeon has been going each update?
  • How does the experience and pace feel after the latest changes?
  • Do the existing rewards feel like they’re worth your time?
  • How does the Boss Key and Boss Dungeon systems feel?
  • How does the overall challenge at the various Boss Dungeons difficulties feel?
  • What additional improvements would you like to see in the Dungeon?
  • What kind of new content would you like to see in the Dungeon?
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Getting torches was already a grind…quiet difficult. Keys, a whole other story. Maybe add a few keys to dungeon chests…it would be like torch oil. And maybe lift the cap of 3 keys per day…half a dozen or something…but not with a requirement of hitting a ridiculous amount of floors.

Also the nuggets need to be increased in higher floors…bronze and copper don’t belong above 50-70


Overall, I think dungeon has been improving with each update, however there are still lots of changes that could be made. It is now to the point where I actually want to spend some time in the dungeon.

I think the walking pace is better, but honestly could still be faster, the time spent travelling between rooms is really irrelevant unless you hit a chest or trap. And whether it’s perception or not with the new walking speed, the pause at the end of a fight, or the slow speed that the heroes walk into a room or exit/enter through a portal, feels ridiculously slow now (still).

From what I’ve seen from other people in my guild the rewards from chests at lower levels seem to be good, but I wouldn’t know because getting enough torches to get to the lower levels is either excruciatingly difficult through grinding in the campaigns, or exceedingly expensive to purchase. 500 tokens for 10 torches? That won’t clear one floor of the dungeon at a reasonable level, or comparatively speaking would buy you 5 hero shards. You don’t get anything close to equivalent to 5 hero shards from a dungeon.

That being said, the boss rewards still seem pretty lame. I have beat Boss battles that rewards me 1 purple scrap, then taken 2 steps and found a random average chest that gave me 3 purple scraps. There is a small chance of getting a key now, but I would still rather see better rewards. Maybe even a chance at hero shards? (though preferably restricted to hero’s not maxed and where I already have a 100 extra shards sitting uselessly in my items). The rewards should also obviously scale with dungeon level.

The boss dungeon is a nice concept, but all it really does is add more new hero’s to the mix that a person has to try and obtain and keep up with. There are already too many to keep up with the pace that levels keep rising, so if too many more are added, it’s going to turn into a negative effect in a hurry. I think it was nicer when the boss battles were unique to the dungeon and not something you could encounter other places in the game.

Lock picking really needs to change as well. Whether that is increasing the number of lock picking shrines available up from 4 or what I don’t know, but the system is very heavily weighted in favour of failing lock picking and the lower you go the more traps you encounter, and I haven’t even gone that deep. I have lost parties to hitting and failing three traps walking between two rooms, and failing all three even with my maximum lock picking, ending up in a battle in that room blind, stunned, and silenced, and seconds later dead. And related to that, the guild perks for lock picking (which we bought only because we were sitting at max influence with nothing to spend on) are laughable at best. 1% per perk? 5% would be way more reasonable.


Better, but I still think the walking animation is pointless.

When you get to the lower floors of the dungeon, yes. The upper floors are not worth it though.

Bad design choice having to reset the endless dungeon to begin a boss dungeon. Besides that it’s fine.

See above.

New kinds of special dungeons similar to the trials we have daily. You could have a daily dungeon specified for a specific aspect of heroes. Different difficulties change the amount of floors in the dungeon. You can introduce new bosses through these dungeons and the awards can be specified to the specific aspects. Just throwing out some ideas.


Dungeon is too slow still, the gear dropped is ok, but would like to still get gear from trapped chests. New shrine/exit placement algorithm is better.

How about having a dungeon shop. With sight +1 purchase, trap proficency as add ons.

Would like to see a boss floor where 3 players are randomly grouped and use their teams together. So you can pit forth 4 heroes, and hire other player’s heroes to defeat.

Guild War global effects: have 3-4 different lands to fight in (random select) that give a global advantage plus a minus to both teams.

For instance fighting in ice climate: finesse plus 5%, defending heroes stunned, attacking herows silenced etc.

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Getting better, definitely!

Love the floor skipping change! The speed is a step in the right direction, but if I might quibble, it still is faster (or seems to be) to simply toggle FF after a fight. The reason for this is while you guys increased walking speed on the map, you didn’t increase the animation in the top panel after a fight or when stepping onto a well/shrine/etc. So you actually move faster in the top panel too after toggling, while you do not if you don’t.

For the most part. I think the gear drops are great in lower levels and it is now much easier to get back there. Influence is also nice. I actually have two complaints about rewards though:

  1. Ore - it never improves. You can get 2 bronze ore from a chest at level 2 and you can get that same 2 bronze ore at level 87. The worst is when you get a jackpot at level 87 and it’s 40 ore. Ugh. So bad! Compare 80k gold (1 skill) to 20-60 scraps of actually useful gear!

  2. Boss rewards - also never improves. At lower levels, killing a boss and getting 1 purple scrap compared to blue/green scraps is nice. At higher levels, killing a boss and getting 1 purple scrap compared to 2-3 purple scraps is not nice.

Keys still feel way too rare. I get about 1 a day if I reset every day specifically to hunt bosses. If I’m doing a deeper run for gear I might get 1 every 3 days. It should be easy to hit the 3 max per day. I’ve only run Easy and Normal (once each), but I got 15 stones for my 10 keys from Normal. So, assuming that’s an average of 1.5 stones per key (and I probably got lucky, tbh, since every shrine I found dropped a key), 1 key a day will take me 53 days to simply summon the new hero. If I hit the max (which is simply not possible for me right now unless I start buying torches), it’s 18 days.

I had more ideas about Boss Keys and Boss Dungeon here.

No idea, just did it for the first time today.

  1. Make ore improve as you descend, like gear does (or remove it altogether)
  2. Make the amount of items that drop from bosses increase as you descend
  3. Make keys drop more frequently (higher % drop rate at lower levels? a chance of keys dropping from chests at lower levels?)
  4. Speed up the animation in the top panel as well, not just the moving around in dungeon
  5. Don’t force a reset of Endless to participate in Boss

Unsure. Will think on it.


As others have said walk speed improvement is better, but still a way to go.

Torches are too expensive/burn too fast. I find it’s cheaper to get them through raids than to actually buy them.

I do find the rewards worthwhile after level 50ish, but… I’m now at a point I don’t want to reset so I’ve not tried the boss dungeon yet.

Please please please please get rid of the well that randomises all previous known Wells. This is so annoying, and now I don’t bother with wells solely because of this.

Other than that I’m actually enjoying the dungeon.

I like the idea behind dungeon a lot. I honestly like the new features that have been implemented as well as the new potential resources to gain them.

I absolutely love the skip floors feature now. I can still collect shrines, I can fight the boss, and it doesn’t take me two hours to complete a run. I can complete a full dungeon excursion in 10 minutes. I also love the “instant skip” to pre-visited areas. Also, it seems like a recent new boss has been added: Sparkle Pony. We were never given any information on this, and this boss didn’t drop a shard. Can we get some info on the Sparkle Pony boss?

I’m working to get Scion of Chaos, so I basically hunt for boss keys. Since my time allotted has significantly decreased, I would say anything is worth it.

I think the boss key drop rate should be increased again. I actually got higher drop rates before the boss key drop rate increase. I typically get only one boss key per day, but sometimes if I’m lucky I’ll get two. I think the boss dungeon itself is interesting. I find it frustrating that I can have heroes die on the first battle when my heroes aren’t charged, but I know that’s me and not you guys.

Have only tried easy (too scared to do medium lol)

Less devastating traps. More bosses. More scraps in boss chests. Greater variety in drop types. Possibilities to find torches in the dungeon. Permanent shrine buffs (i.e. 1% attack increase for all future dungeon runs). Hero XP in dungeons. Remove endless and boss reset connection. You shouldn’t have to reset one to do the other.

Hero shard dungeon maybe? It can run just like the boss dungeon except the hero dungeon will give you a certain number of different dungeon runs you can do. For example, they may offer you an Oasis dungeon, a Dagger dungeon, and a Hex dungeon. They run just like the boss dungeon in that the hero in question is a boss on each floor that has the possibility to drop hero shards.
I would also think a dungeon shop would be interesting. It could function just like any other shop with gear and shards available for purchase. I think that there could be a percent chance that a fourth hero could have shards show up for purchase (this hero being a boss). The tokens could be found by fighting battles, regular and boss.

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Did the rate for getting critical success drop off the earth? I used to get 3-4 in my 80 levels of dungeon I could complete. The run I’m on since the update I have gotten 0 and am on floor 76. Also, did the chance of getting skill disable skyrocket? I literally get them as I’m walking towards a well to cleanse one I already have.

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My kills on scion the chaos doesnt count in trophies anymore after the update. Also, i dont know which topic should i put this in, but my crusade reset is now only 1 instead of 2 like before. I checked the vip benefit list and its no longer there, but i didnt see any mention in lis of update

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Overall, I am pleased with endless dungeon! I just love finding my hero gear there! Everything is faster now! THANKS GUYS! Transition graphics between battle end and walking could use a little smoothing.

Tbh, I haven’t tried boss dungeon yet because I’m not willing to lose the time I’ve spent grinding to get to the gear I need in endless. It would be great if you guys could add a way for me to save endless to do boss dungeon. Either way, when I get to a reset point in endless I’ll try out boss. Super excited to see what that’s like!

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So I just took my first (and maybe last) foray into the Boss Dungeon, and I have to say I can’t believe how ridiculously frustrating it was to have a party of heroes wiped out by being completely disabled by a series of traps I apparently have no chance of disarming. I went through Easy mode, and as far as the last floor on Normal mode and didn’t see one option to upgrade my lock picking skills, and yet the dungeons were littered with traps that I failed to disarm almost every single time. At least in endless mode you have some chance of disarming traps.

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About crusade - it was in patch. U get double tokens if u are vip 10 instead. Because people whined about 2 runs took to much time

Not enough torches if u are using 2 stamina resets a day with gems.

Especially since torches do not drop on elite campaign. And its wiered that it doesnt. Especially since elite cost double the stamina.

An idea

A. Remove the skill disable traps
B. Insert skill unlock rewards.
C. Let all heroes start with one skill only, basic attack. And as you advance you get skill points to unlock skills. Fights are way tooo easy at floor 1-35 its not even a challange.

By doing so you force people to use tactics.
And the point here is that every time you reset dungeon u loose unlocked skills.

So 4 skills x5 heroes = you need 20 floors to have a team with all skilld unlocked.

Skills should also be unlocked only to the active team. And not the team in reserve.

I dont know. Its an idea :stuck_out_tongue: I just hate skill disable since the effect of it is really random.

Maybe let the player choose what skill he/she will sacrifice if you keep those skill disable traps.

There are 1 skill that kills it if it gets disabled, bandage healing and some skills are not even noticable if disabled. Therefore the randomness of this trap is too cruel :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the dungeon. Don’t know about the boss battles, cause it takes forever to find Scion to kill for the trophy-- I’ma be honest and say I was disappointed when I couldn’t play the Boss dungeon cause of that.

My only request currently is when I select to play in full screen that it STAY in full screen (or RETURN). When I collect chests or walk on traps, it goes back in the split screen. The only time you ‘need’ split screen is when it comes to the shrines, portals and wells-- you certainly don’t need em in battle!

So that’s really only the frustrating part of game play.

We also need more access to torches. I feel the contests that are related to them should give them out, and when double drop is activate, torches should also increase (they dont!).

Thanks for such an awesome game!

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Thanks for all of your awesome input! We’ll be compiling your feedback and posting a summary here soon!

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