Feedback: Future Features


Before locking in our thoughts on upcoming improvements and features, we want to hear what you guys would like to see added to the game!

  • Would you prefer more PvP options or PvE options?
  • Would you prefer more Guild-related features or personal progression features?
  • What new rewards or unlockables would you like to see added to the game?
  • What new Guild Perks would you like to see in the game?
  • Any other major changes you would you like to see in a future patch?

Developer Q&A 11/26/17

I would like boss fights for increasing levels of scraps based on difficulty.


I don’t know if anybody noticed but the rewards in the tower after the Lv that gives you 5 bronze nuggets and 15 copper nuggets doesn’t make any sense. The next lv increases the difficulty but the rewards worth the same coins in the merchant. So why fight against tougher Heroes if you get the same thing in a easier Lv. Please check that and will be good if gets fixed.


I’d like to see something done about extra shards…such as a trade shop…as 2000 gold is a joke

Blue chests or stamina as rewards…no one wants gold chests this late in the game.

Better nuggets as you progress in dungeon…copper is not representative of higher floors.

Better rewards above VIP 15…currently, 16-20 aren’t worth the dollar value

It wouldn’t hurt to put specials on for diamonds once in awhile, like the bonus packs when you first join


Something needs to be done to improve the visibility of the Friend chat… many people aren’t interested in the General/Vip/Recruit chats, so they don’t go into that section and, therefore, don’t see that they have a message from a friend. Would it be possible to either move it out to its own area, or to put a red dot on the existing section when there is a message from a friend?


I have a complaint/suggestion for you guys, as I’m sure quite a lot of players know, you can get more shards for a hero even after they have 5 stars, for instance I have 30 more shards for stone guard, but all I can do is sell them for 2,000 coins a piece, which isn’t worth it, considering their cost, I’d like to see that either another star is added to the game, or a lock so you can’t accumulate shards for maxex heros. Or even just upping the sell value of shards, 2,000 just isn’t worth it.


I would like to be able to message people who are not on my friends list in a direct message. Also when getting double drops if the same items come out of two separate chests both should be double.


They aren’t going to stop at 5* and have already strongly hinted that there will be uses for the shards in the future. Don’t sell them and tou’ll be ready when they add a sixth star…


What would be really cool to see is helping out the guild mates. Like trading items within the guild or shards. I know there is a shard shop on the way but I think it would be really cool to see sharing more within the guilds.


My suggestions are :

  1. Why you don’t make new way of purchases like letting people to do an auction on a great variety of game items to be better than the current offers , so that people are encouraged to enter the auction and offer high amount worth the auction.

  2. Currently there are 3 servers, we need to think about in such a way to have competition between the servers at the end of each guild war season to qualify from each server the 1st and 2nd ranked guild to enter a new war server guild competition.


I know the sharing resources thing has been constantly shut down because of the potential for abuse, and I won’t argue that, but I would like to see the ability to share torches with guild members. Torches aren’t an abusable resource like shards, so sharing them shouldn’t cause so many problems. Torches in general seem to be given a way higher value than they deserve in the game. They are difficult to gain and extremely overpriced to buy.


Contests should be a weekly thing with different categories like guild, individual member,heros teams, individual heros.
Guild could offer everyone a prize like everyone gets x2 guild points.
Individual member would be like gold,xp, x2gold/experience,1/2 torches usage, passive gold/dimond generation.
Hero teams could offer torches, reset tower/trials.
Heros could offer shards, items for crafting, x2 drops for items/shards.


Definitely more PvE options. Ideally with extremely difficult bosses or even better a world boss.

Personal progression features.

Character skins! Special avatar images! Things of a customizable nature. Ideally you could throw in some limited edition customization stuff for those who frequent these forums. :wink:

Really difficult to come up with more guild perks anymore. Probably just more perks to improve rewards or performance in the PvE elements of the game.

(chants in background) World Boss… World Boss… World Boss…


I believe this game is mainly played for the guild/multi-player aspect of it so I reckon guild features over personal ones would be more appreciated. At the moment, only guild wars really evaluate the strength of a guild and you guys recently added guild contests which I think is real cool, maybe one more game mode in that aspect would be awesome.

Also speaking of multi-player, it’d be interesting to see bosses being introduced where you go tag team it to beat it, or some kind of two-man (two players) dungeon. On that note, some kind of competition/contest for a group of individuals, kind of like the guild contests except for smaller groups and they wouldn’t have to be from the same guild. They could format let’s say a group of 10 before contest and when it starts they gotta compete with other ‘teams’ that were formed.

Anyways those are some ideas I just thought of on top my head regarding future multi-player aspects in the game. Hope it helps! ^^




(I will always appreciate guild-centric activities. Most people play this game because of their guild)

I’m still interested in Orange Skills and some sort of hero customization (Runes, but not exactly the same system).

I would like to see some goofy stuff. Like, added guild icons, added hero portraits, random stuff like that. OOOOOH! What about a perk that reduces the cost to change your name? lol

Runes. Orange skills. Experience easier to come by. No more 10 level cap increases. More hero balancing.


I want to see hero skins added eventually and also more ways to get diamonds for the f2p players. I would also like to see actual bosses (like the dungeon kind) added to the game for each chapter of campaign and elite campaign. Elite campaign bosses could either drop extra shards of the hero for that stage or drop a large quantity of shards for that boss if you choose to make them unlockable heroes. Hope you consider adding some of these features.


Perk suggestions:
For starters, 1% shop is nothing. Make it 5% and 3 tiers (for now), so for 1.5m influence you get a 15% discount. That would actually matter.

I think torches should be reworked to ‘daily’, instead of ‘at reset’.

Lockpicking is way too low. 2/4/6/8/10 would make more sense.

New perks suggestions!

Gold Find/XP Find could easily be added (and just a fyi in advance: 1% does not count :>)

Elite campaign perks: one for each chapter, when purchasing for chapter 1, drops (and difficulty) for chapter 1 scales to # (I’d say ~2-3 levels below max, can’t make it too good). You lose a LOT of gearing, xp and gold from farming elite campaign beneath chapter 8, would be cool if a guild could change this similar to how we can change fortress difficulty.


In Fortress you should get rewards for beating other line ups.


I’d like to save team layouts.

Instead of either using an auto-pick or manually building a team, it would be handy if I had maybe 3 saved teams to “click” in place.


No preference, so I’ll not answer this one.

Why not both? I really liked the improved gold chest perk, because I no longer have to wait two days to get Pungent Beans. I now get purple scraps and gear, and hero shards only. Many of my progression features would revolve around more hero XP in the form of guild perks. That’s just my bias.

I would definitely like for a way for everyone to be able to unlock more attempts on the tower for more resources.

Sight increase in dungeon. More hero XP. Extra war tokens.

There should have been another trial difficulty added but it has been delayed for a long time. Why hasn’t it been added yet? Slingshot scraps were one of the rewards, and we ALL need those. Also, I fought a new boss in the endless dungeon: Sparkle Pony. For some reason, I didn’t get a boss chest, and I don’t think we were ever notified of his/her arrival. What’s up with this boss? Also, I think dungeon should have tokens and a shop. The tokens should have a higher drop rate than arena but significantly less than crusade.