Feedback: Future Features


What are runes? What is that system? It’s been mentioned quite a bit and people certainly have mixed feelings about it.


Crusade: is it possible to let tokens scale with difficulty? I would suggest 50-100 bonus tokens per stage for hard, and 100-200 extra for blockbuster. Blockbuster is fun, but difficulty compared to rewards is not great. Would make crusade slightly more skillbased, while not making it overpowered.


Runes was a way to customize your heroes’ stats.


Only been playing for a month and would love to see specials on buying low cost diamond bags with combos that make sense for the player who wants to continue playing longer sessions. Currently trying to level up takew real money and still stamina runs out way to quickly. 60 stamina is nearly done in a few minutes, plus you need xp to lvl up with skill points. Why not eliminate one item and have it be needed or used for trade merchant. Also more single player quests, some farming types for just shards.


Would like to see the ability to friend people from a guild page brought back.

Not having this feature does not prevent poaching since we can friend from the chats.


You know what isn’t fun?

200 scrap items needed by everyone. I thought you guys would have learnt from the whole testosterone philters deal.

Please add the slingshot scraps to challenge or at least make the drop rate in chapter 11 the same as ch9


How about when the guild war season ends, reset all the guild’s crowns to 0, so no one has an advantage starting off the new season, and if not resetting everyone back to 0 maybe put the top 50 at 100 crowns and the rest at 0, that way the new season would be more competitive, and other guilds would have a better chance to become #1


This discussion has been done to death. That’s even a separate thread for it and pb have said it’s not happening

Other things

Bring back temples!

  • love the idea of campaign bosses!
  • there could be a new section “boss fights”, x bosses for every guild per day, each boss can be fought by x people, so you set up your team and when all teams are set they fight the boss together, drops mostly guild influence
  • i would love to be able to “mark” an item i want to farm so i can simply go into campaign and directly see where to find it without going to heroes, choose one, click down until i find the parts i’m missing and go to campaign from there. would save a lot of time!
  • of course i also would live a trade shop. an idea to make it less abusable: attach a value to each item and only let people trade items that have the same value plus minus 2 or something. you could also limit trading by letting people trade shards for shards, purple items for purple items etc.
  • most of us do trials for 1 or 2 scraps. i would love to be able to check up front, which of the items i want to fight for (here again you could attach a value to each item and say that one is able to get items of value x in each round). for example, feud with finesse: item (value): blade of backst. (1), bee hive (3), ambassador (2), staff of … (2), pixie pendant (4). overall you get let’s say a value of 30. you can now check “bee hive” and “pixie pendant” and get 3-5 bee hive and 3-4 pixie pendant.
  • also like the idea of getting some tokens for winning a fortress fight
  • dungeon tokens would be nice also, you could make the dungeon shop the one in which you can get costumes for your heroes
  • i’m not very sure about this, but another idea: in guild contests not everyone participates plus people have different needs. maybe it would be nice for guild leaders to be able to distribute the prizes among those who actually participated.
  • be able to save different heroe line ups! it’s so annoying especially in tournament to always have to shuffle around heroes 1 by 1


  • give a x % chance for double drops in normal campaign (so boost drop rate in campaign). this could be an overall thing or activated for each chapter individually (read this above, too)
  • boost drop rate of shards (see above)
  • better gold / xp drops / more chances at tower is an awesome idea!
  • reduce time to wait for next free gold chest
  • more chances at trials
  • reduce blue scraps from silver chest


U should add like a tavern or inn for u heros or add a building feature , like build a kingdom


I’m going to answer this with a post. Simply because it saves me having to summarise it again.


Thank you for taking the time to ask and read our suggestions!

  1. I would like more ways to interact with our guilds. Maybe something like a guild trading post, or another multi user guild event?

  2. I like the idea of adding an icon to the main screen called “Spar” or something similar. Sparring would auto-match you with another user with a similar power team. For instance, you would click spar, set your team, and then it would auto match you with someone similar power in the queue. There could even be different levels/sections to climb. You could also set it up to unlock different section of spar every 5 or 10 levels.

  3. Adding a trading post in general, although I like the guild TP option better.


I would like this as a more flexible arena system, no rewards, just for fun. There are multiple leagues, but you can also be unranked. The leagues are filled with NPC fights, and you can try to get to the top 5 which can be viewed by everyone (using a button like the one you use to see challenger league in arena). If you don’t compete for 15 or 30 minutes, you become unranked. Thus, the system wouldn’t be stuck like the real arena and you could just play for fun.


God the chat is atrocious… Most new members in guild dont bother looking or dont even know where to look and then they dont listen to advice on completing wars… I basically kick people because theres no effective way to communicate…


I’d rather see a feature that “reborns” a hero. I’ll get to that in a sec but, currently, 5 stars is the cap when maximising a hero. In essence, hero shards become obsolete. If there was a way to continue maximising a hero, then that would be beneficial, to the makers (ongoing longevity of the game), and its players. What I propose is this: Reborn feature! Explanation: Once a hero is maxed out, a player has the ability to upgrade its hero by evolving it from, say, Yellow stars to Purple stars (as an example of colour schemes). A player can re-maximise a hero all over again while also carrying over it’s total accumulated power. That way, there can be an ongoing process to evolve. I hope you like my idea and I hope I made sense.


I would be nice to have a “sticky” queue button in Guild War. Once you mark it to queue it will always queue you for the next war unless you turn it off because you don’t want to queue.


In replying to a different thread, I just realized Challenger rank in the arena could be made into a fun mini-tournament. Check out my thoughts here: Challenger rank boring


Next feature: make shop refresh tokens usable on demand instead of forced. I got 3 shop refreshes in chests today, and there are shops I want to refresh but would rather pay 10 shop tokens to refresh and save the refresh tokens for when the refresh cost gets higher, or for something like the Dragon shop.


Do you mean a system of prestige? I believe it’s already in action


I would like to see a menu in war that keeps all your attack and defense stats for the war season. Currently you can only see them for each individual war if you click on them. It would be nice to see how everyone is stacking up to each other, and maybe show who needs to work on defense lineups.