Feedback: Future Features


This is an awesome idea. I’ve gone through them manually at times and it’s a pain to check win statistics etc.


—more pve and pvp.
—campaign and/or world bosses. Bosses that drop special gear apart from what is used to promote. Lore that goes along with that gear.
—the option to unequip gear before promoting. Why can’t I drop my sword??
—option to customize hero’s appearance. Could be multiple skins for different heroes that we unlock or obtain through questing. You’re missing out on a large crowd of people that would pay big money just for cool clothes, hats, etc. not to mention it would be awesome.
— don’t charge me tons of gold to use the shards I worked so hard to get. It doesn’t make sense. Many players have requested easier ways to acquire gold. Maybe just make things less expensive or free where they should be.
—create new ways to acquire gold or have it scale more sensibly in dungeon, tower, campaign, etc. or you can diversify the economy to support more expansive content and in so doing make an increase in gold not that big of a deal.
—quest option. After all it’s portal quest. It would be cool to have some mini quests apart from the campaign story line where we adventure and choose multiple different paths with different ends and rewards. This could even highlight more of each characters personality and supplement the campaign which is lacking in depth.
—expansive campaign. Expand it. Once you beat a level it’s pointless to do it again unless farming for items. Make me want to replay it. There has to be a heartbeat to the game, but I’m still wondering what that is. Would be easiest to make that the campaign and develop the story line more.
—involve guild mates on multiple levels: have a feature where you could call for aide a couple times a day and bonus for helping. Take guildies along for that mini quest previously mentioned and have their input helps decide your fate as well.
—Sure, crank out new heroes, but keep it special by developing a more in depth way of using them. Quality over quantity. This may mean that some heroes die or are reborn.
—rethink Tournament. The fact we have the option to fast forward twice means it’s not that thrilling. Thank you for that option for sure. Maybe make them instant battles or up the rewards you get for advancing? At times you can earn more by staying in lower ranks and that shouldn’t be the case in a competition.
—reduce unnessecary clicking.
—add different music options or diversify them based on tower/campaign/etc.
—add achievements and/or titles you can earn apart from trophies. Maybe that give you a surname or special guild title: Baron, Knight, etc. be sweet to have a guild Jester
—Rewards for logging in on holidays and for reaching higher level goals.
—ability to mention a specific person in chat to call their attention to a message, War, fortress, etc.
—ability to trade between accounts or(not and) guild bank you can make limited deposits and withdraws from that store items, shards, gold, etc. potential for abuse can be gone if you limit it through the bank which can also add a sense of prestige
—create more incentive to play through the dungeon. Right now it would be more fun to start at the bottom with the goal being to get out. There is no harm in big rewards if the content is there to spend it on
—create personal and guild chat filters so that silencing and banning can be reduced and people can also speak more openly.
—a way to playfully taunt your opponent in war

That’s all for now. Tired. Sorry for the stream of consciences.


I agree with 85% of these. I hope PQ actually sees this


Experience from dungeon fights.
As per the current thread.

It seems odd that heroes can fight waves and waves of enemies in the dungeon and be no stronger, when the same number of battles in modes like campaign would be incrementally strengthening them.


I would love the ability to gift diamonds to my guildmates.


Server 3 doesn’t have it. And yes, a prestige system but not for equipments. I mean a prestige system for stars - When a character has 200/150 hero shards, he/she can prestige from yellow stars to different set of coloured stars.


I would like to be able to buy items from other players.


I would love to be able to remove gear from heros. Say if you don’t use certain heros in your lineup anymore and it has a gear requirement for another active hero, this would be very useful


Toxic that’s a wicked idea
Would love to remove all wanders purple+ gear
No idea why I gave her that…
She’s useless to me :joy::joy::joy:


My main suggestions are for torches.

You should get torches on every dungeon reset instead of just if you’re below a certain number. I find myself not spending time on dungeon just to save torches for potential dungeon contests where I’ll be more motivated to use torches. If I knew I could refresh to get like 50 torches, I’d be more likely to spend 50 torches in a day.

I think a nice guild perk would be to increase the life span of torches. Once you get the perk, have torches last 25%, 33%, or 50% longer.

Also, maybe, the higher your dungeon level is, the slower your torches expend.


Thanks for all of your awesome input! We’ll be compiling your feedback and posting a summary here soon!