Feedback: Heroes

We’ve definitely heard your feedback on that Heroes feel like they’re being released too quickly and are already planning on slowing things down a bit. That said, we still want to hear your current take on the Heroes of Ember!

  • What Heroes feel underpowered and why?
  • What Heroes feel overpowered and why?
  • What Heroes are you currently looking for in the Elite Campaign?
  • Which Elite Campaign Heroes would you like to see rotated into Shops?
  • Roughly how many Heroes do you feel you need to keep powered up and competitive?
  • Do you use specific subsets of Heroes in certain modes? For instance, do you prefer one team in Arena and a different team in the Dungeon?
  • What main things do you feel are preventing your current set of Heroes from progressing? (Hero XP? Shards? Gear? Team Levels? Skill Points? Gold? Etc.)
  • What new ways (i.e. features) would you like to see your Heroes progress?

Hero XP is a huge problem. More and more heroes are stuck at level 1, and more and more are left behind as XP demand increases while we don’t earn it faster (well, slightly, but not compared to how much more is required).
Levelling one hero from 1-85 costs 945 765 experience. That’s the same amount it takes to level 18 heroes from 84 to 85. If we decide to level up one new hero, it means leaving 5 heroes behind for the entire distance of the cap raise (80-85). Those numbers are not fun.

In order to be able to be fully competitive, you need all heroes (except Wander Woman, Elder Mohawk and Feral Brute). In order to be able to play in a top tier guild, I’d say around 20 is the sweet spot, although new heroes change this up a lot.

About shard rotations: I think it’s good that it takes time to farm stars, so I wouldn’t move any of the current top campaign heroes (Claw, Dagger, Punk, Spell). Move some of the old ones - LW, Bowman, Elder for instance. Also time to move Grizzled Hunter from tournament.

Actual heroes:
Cogmaster is good. Slightly weaker than top tier, but definitely useful in secondary or third teams.

Elder Mohawk is basically Cog with less damage, no CC and less survivability.

Feral Brute is pretty much useless, which is a shame. He has an interesting skill set, but curse-fury meta gives him no chance, and even before that he was slightly weaker than he should be.

Forest Hermit is in a really good place right now. No longer the go-to for war attacks, yet insanely useful in the right team. I was sceptical when he was nerfed, but he looks really good atm.

Ginger Beard is still too strong, which is funny, because he is useless by himself. His stun is too strong though. It’s just really hard to give that up for any other hero, no matter how weak Ginger becomes.

Grizzled Hunter has a huge problem. His skill never fires. As DPS has increased in most team comps lately, Hunters slow charge has made him obsolete.

Hex Witch’s lifesteal is insane. Don’t fight Hex without Highwayman. Lowering the lifesteal for Hex is probably a good idea. Other than that I think she is fine. People like to complain about how she finishes off a backline by herself, but that’s the way she works. She doesn’t do much rest of the fight.

Highwaymans curse is too long. He basically has Hex Witch’s curse applied on all heroes in a second. The biggest problem with this is not in Arena or War (where he’s still definitely top tier) - the biggest problem is Crusade. Every single fight against highwayman in Crusade revolves around keeping him from cursing, since once applied, it means you will be going in the next fight <50% hp. If you miss it, retreat and retry. I’m all for difficulties, but this does not make it that much harder - just a lot more annoying. His curse need to be reworked. A 3-second curse would still make him good (in fact, he would still be the best curser) but at least you could work around it.

Howling Claw is strong. Insanely strong. Also very squishy. He is the ultimate glass cannon, and he does it good. I don’t think he should be nerfed - there are plenty of counters already.

Light Warden. If you at PerBlue has ever made a decision that made me question whether you have even tried the game it was nerfing her energy gain. She was in a really good spot, got hit hard, and only hangs in due to the current fury meta. Please revert that change. She will still be easily countered by Vigor Mortis.

Loyal Squire disappeared from the game. Because he got worse? No. You just made his powerlevel lower than Gingers, so that Ginger gets charged if paired with Squire. This makes Squire completely useless defensively coupled with Ginger, and killed off the old classic.

Mass Destruction is in a good place. His final explosion affecting tournament scores is really infuriating though.

Mystic Punk is amazing. He’s not overpowered, just a really fun hero that changes up the fights.

Nightstalker has slightly low damage, low survivability and no status effects. He’s basically an unloaded glass cannon at this point. Boost his damage. A lot.

Noob Hero seems to be in a good place, but <the rest of the comment costs 945 765 hero xp to unlock>

Princess Portal is in a good place.

Rogue Bowman has a low energy gain. Could definitely be improved. Right now he’s very situational, but Curse makes him viable.

Satyr Fox is amazing. His buff was a bit uncalled for, but tbh he’s still in a good place, although definitely A-team material.

Brawlers rage is too strong. A frontline that instantly drops to 50% against most comps with rage is crazy. Either nerf rage, or give him another skill.

Shield Maiden looks <the rest of the comment costs 945 765 hero xp to unlock>

Skull Buster is not great and not terrible. Solid ‘situational-D-team-hero-that-we-will-never-waste-xp-on-but-end-up-wishing-we-had-a-few-times-a-week’.

Spell Binder is good.

Stone Guard is too weak. She dies in the first seconds and never uses her skills. Terrible in defense, very situational in offense. Used to be the go-to hero recommendation, is now basically a glorified minion. DD fronts and curse ended her reign.

Storm Wizard has too slow energy gain, but his blue skill is good, albeit situational, in situations. Great hero for Crusade on Blockbuster.

Swashbuckler is not as good as he used to be, yet definitely not bad. Solid ‘situational-D-team-hero-that-we-will-never-waste-xp-on-but-end-up-wishing-we-had-a-few-times-a-week’.

Totem Prince is too strong. Nerf damage of passive agressive and increase his normal damage and he would be fine, probably maybe. I don’t know, it’s a difficult hero. He survives a long time which is awesome against the DD-meta, but he is a tool of all trades. Bleed? Check. Attacks backline? Check. Tanky? Check. AoE damage? Check. He’s just too good at everything at once.

Void is fine.

Wander Woman has absolutely nothing going for her. Very interesting skill set, but literally dies within the first five seconds, so it can’t be used. By far the most useless hero in game, currently.

War Blade is fine.

Willow Druid is fine.

Oasis is insanely strong. Removing the strongest enemy hero for that long is crazy; add a pull that destroys the enemy team (ever been pulled in against PP and Totem?) and inspiration and he is so overpowered it’s not even fun.

Whirling Dagger/Merc/Scion I really couldn’t say anything about. Scion looks to be op, Merc and Dagger seems to be really good but still well within normal range.

  • War Blade - she has a shield which is useful for cleans in GW but nothing else. She has no damage and doesn’t attack quickly enough to take advantage of the knockback she is - 0.18 attacks per second compared to Oasis’s 0.65. Also her white skill feels really lackluster. At level 89 it gives 486 extra AP … Squire’s passive Inspiration gives 745 extra AP and that’s right from the start.

  • Skull Buster - his curse is nice but that’s really the only reason you would ever use him. He doesn’t do enough damage or survive long enough to warrant inclusion otherwise. I only ever use him as a B attack in GW.

  • Squire - he feels like a crappy version of Shield Maiden. His inspiration is really nice, but other than that what does he provide? He dies very quickly (part of this is probably because of the prevalence of high dmg red tanks) and doesn’t do much damage, so he rarely gets to take advantage of Vigor.

  • Swashbuckler - he never really recovered from being nerfed 3 patches in a row early on. He’s a crappy version of Whirling Dagger. He is just sooo squishy.

  • Storm Wizard - he has a white and that’s about it. Which might be useful in Crusade or Dungeon but only at the beginning of the fight because of how prevalent curse is (thanks highway!). He seems to gain energy waaaaay too slowly for anything else.

  • Feral Brute - he has never been good. I don’t even know what he’s a crappy version of. Maybe that minion in campaign that’s annoying?

  • Elder Mohawk - I will say that I see him in Crusade every so often and it surprises me how sturdy he is. Must be his dodge skill. But he doesn’t do much other than dodge. His purple seems useless and the only thing his green is good for is against Oasis … but chances are if you bring a useless hero against Oasis, you’re gonna have a bad time.

  • Rogue Bowman - he’s never really been good. But he has curse, so he can be useful in GW. But he doesn’t do much damage at all.

  • Wander Woman - another toon that has never been good. Too squishy, doesn’t seem to do any damage. Her white seems like it should be good, but Green is useless in most modes that matter, and blue seems to just never have been very useful.

Those are the biggest disappointments, imo. I think these toons, while they still have a role, definitely feel lackluster compared to the group of “good” and “overpowered” toons:

  • Ginger - he’s useful for his Stun and Focus buff, but he’s pretty squishy and he doesn’t even do any damage anymore.

  • Hermit - I never use Hermit, outside of the buff for Finesse. He does no damage and his shield is meh.

  • Light Warden - I have always felt LW was a little too squishy. It’s like she was designed with the idea that dying was good, just to trigger her group heal. But having a tank that dies immediately is not super helpful. She needs to provide some support for her backline. I also can’t ever really tell if she does any damage. I use her almost exclusively for her stun, and basically only in GW where she can pre-charge.

  • Nightstalker - as a damage dealer, he feels fairly lackluster these days. Perhaps the meta has simply passed him by (backrow seems to focus more on buffing or controlling) or maybe he needs a little more damage.

  • Brawler - he does a stupid amount of damage. One of the few heroes that if you don’t purposefully select heroes to counter him will totally destroy your team. Just look at his white! Does 12,056 damage twice and can be increased by 100% depending on threat. So that’s 48,000 damage. The thing is, he doesn’t even need to white! He can usually take out most tanks in two basic attacks.

  • Oasis - his attack speed is WAY too high for having knockback. The only other hero who has knockback as a skill has a 0.18 attack speed. His is 0.65. He attacks so fast that most tanks can’t even get to the front line, let alone the backline. His whole kit is really good though. His blue skill removes what is usually the biggest thread from the field for a large period of time (compare his blue to Wander’s - hers blinds a toon, his removes for 4 seconds and does damage). His white not only pushes everyone back but stuns briefly and does damage. He is, quite possibly, the single scariest hero in the game right now. I don’t know that there’s a for sure counter other than bringing your own oasis.

  • Whirling Dagger - I don’t know what it is, exactly, about her that makes her so strong. All I know is I routinely struggle against teams that use her. It’s like Swash from early on all over again - ignores your beefier tanks to take out your squishy backliners and you can’t really counter her. I think toons like this are always going to be hard to balance because they’re either ridiculously good (see: Swash pre-nerfs) or just pretty bad (see: Swash now)

  • Totem - Another toon that jumps to the backline. At least you can stun him to start off with, but the thick skull makes it really hard to kill him before he wreaks devastation on your backrow.

This next grouping is just a level below those three, in my mind. Heroes that give you pause and you probably need to deal with, but I’m not sure if they’re so good in and of themselves or they just have really good synergy with the other really OP heroes:

  • Grizz - combination of the healing and shielding helps him support killing machine toons like Brawler and Dagger.

  • Wisp - gives health and energy every time a hero dies on either side and can actually do a decent amount of damage with her white. The energy helps keep heroes like Oasis and Grizz rolling.

  • Shield Maiden - I think part of the reason you don’t see more of her is that Brawler’s OPness limits her since he has a fairly easy time killing her (red > green) and he’s everywhere. But she’s generally hard to kill, protects your other heroes, and allows your heroes to deal more damage.

Jury still out:

  • Scion - his kit looks fantastic. Seems like once everyone has him we’ll see him everywhere

  • Birdbarian - his kit also looks very good. Seems like maybe a must include with heroes like Claw and Brawler.

Trying to finish off Shield Maiden. Then I’ll start working on Whirling Dagger (not like I have the 2 million XP necessary to level her anyway).

I would obviously like to see Shield Maiden and Dagger from Elite come to the shops :wink:

But in general, I think it would be nice to rotate heroes more often. The heroes in the other shops like Arena, Crusade, GW have been in there sooo long. For many players, the only thing to spend your tokens on is gear.

Obviously I would love to see the new ones in shops like Arena/GW/Crusade which are really easy to get tokens for … but even if all you do is put them in tournament, I think that would be a nice change, too. Put the newest heroes (Wisp, Oasis, Bird, etc) into Tournament after some period of initial release (a month?) so that those who pay for him may enjoy their advantage; the Tournament is the hardest shop to get stones in so that will still limit how quickly people are putting the new heroes into play. Then after another month (ish?), rotate heroes from the Tournament shop into other shops that are easier to get. As an example, I have only ever spent Tournament tokens on Fox (5*) and Salty (3*) and I’ve been doing it from day 1 and am in Silver 4 (I believe the highest is silver 2 currently). Meanwhile I’ve got 30,000 arena tokens saved up.

This is a tough question to answer because it depends on new hero releases as well. For example, before Oasis was released my answer may have been 20. After Oasis was released, my answer was 21 :wink:

But, for tournament you want at least 15 useful heroes. For GW defense, depending on your perk level, you want 20. Given how the meta can change or heroes that are better on offense vs defense, I’d say you’re probably in the 20-25 range.

I personally have 22 heroes at level 90 and 3 more in the 84-88 range who I had to stop leveling because of XP concerns. Some of those are heroes like Squire, WB who I would probably not level to 95 until my main core gets there, but at the time I needed to put something together for a 4th line in GW.

Mostly yes. Dungeon changes though, based on what heroes have skills locked (eg. a Storm Wizard with a locked white is useless), and you’re not picking heroes each battle based on your opponent. In Arena and GW though, you pick heroes based on what the enemy has.

Right now the answer for me is Hero XP. I wanted to level up Noob recently to take the place in my GW defense. I had enough gear to take him to P4 5/6 but couldn’t get him to level 90 because I ran out of XP.

Gold isn’t a concern for me and gear is typically not an issue.

Shards are definitely an issue for heroes that aren’t in shops; Whirling Dagger, as an example, I got lucky to find in a gold chest so she’s 3* … but it would take me 20 days just to get her to 4* and I would not use her as 3*. I am not even sure I would use her at 4* … and it would be another 38 days to go from 4-5*. So basically a total of 58 days before I could use her.

This is an interesting question. I will puzzle over it and edit later.


I think those first two posts are pretty comprehensive, but I would add a couple of my own opinions.

This one mainly drives towards the new hero release you’ve already acknowledged. When I started the game I thought I need to keep around 10 hero’s levelled to be competitive. By the time Server 2 started I had that number around 15. After I became part of a top guild that number climbed to 19. Within the last 5-6 weeks the number has jumped closer to 24 (26 as some of the server 1 only heroes make it to server 2). That’s how many I feel I need, I’m still struggling trying to keep/get the 19 up to speed. This isn’t just directed at how fast new heroes are coming out, but the fact that so many of them seem to be overpowered or at least insanely strong.

Gear drop rates in normal campaign are way too low. For lower rank gear this isn’t really an issue but once you get to P+2 gear taking 50 shards, P+3 gear taking 100+ shards, and I’m scared to even know what P+4 gear takes, it’s impossible to keep up with gear. 1 purple shard in 9 raids is a relatively common occurrence for me. I need to do 900+ raids to get one piece of gear for one of 20ish heroes I’m trying to keep up? I’m looking at most likely not getting my huge number of toons I need to keep up fully geared any time before P+4 is released, if I’m still playing and that happens, I will quit the game. For the record, quitting the game rather than trying to invest more money and time is now a debate that happens with every update, because every update seems to make it harder to keep up.

Personally I would like to see more rotation of heroes through the shops. Short periods of time in each shop they land in, totally random who is where, with almost all heroes showing up. (Though I understand the need to not put sign-in heroes, boss battle heroes, or brand new heroes not into the shops).

Change the hero shards in gold chests to not contain shards for heroes you already have reached max stars on. Seeing heroes you have maxed in a shop is one thing, spending money/gems to buy a chest and getting shards for a hero you have 5 starred and hundreds of extra shards already sitting around for is something totally different.

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I’m not gonna go over every single hero, but I will list out some major ones that need some tinkering.

Scarred Brawler - I believe he does too much damage too quickly. Either need to decrease damage or decrease attack speed.

Totem - Thick-Skulled and can destroy a backline in seconds. Stuns help but can’t keep him away forever. You either have to kill him before he jumps or you lose in most situations.

Oasis - His skills work too well together. Once one skill ends, the next one immediately begins. Since he’s backline it’s difficult to hit him before he’s able to get his skills off. I’d suggest slowing down his skills and spreading them out so that they don’t rapid-fire.

Hex - Can heal massive amounts with her common skill if she’s not cursed. Just nerf the healing a tiny amount.

Ember Wisp, Birdbarian, Whirling Dagger, Mass D, Nightstalker, Oasis, and Skull Buster. Keep in The Grizz and Salty Merc for sure, but the others can be rotated. More and more people are interested in the new heroes, so it makes sense to have those in the shops.

To be competitive in every gamemode you’ll need at least 10 heroes minimum powered up at your max level at all times.

Hero XP and Gear. The drop rates for newer gear can get pretty insane. If you don’t have 100’s of stamina packs good luck getting all the needed gear.


Storm Wizard needs his heal on green and make his white a cleanse! The rest of his kit is useless, but those changes alone would make him relevant again.

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I would first like to start with Light Warden. I have been playing PQ since before (right before, actually) Guild Wars was introduced. I remember back when Light Warden used to stun all enemies instead of nearby ones. I’ve always disliked but understood that nerf. In addition, she’s super squishy so she rarely gets the chance to use her extremely brief white skill. 5 seconds into the battle and I already see a green phoenix over her head. She needs a health buff. I would also say she could use a radius increase for her stun, but that’s debatable.
Swashbuckler is only good at 5 stars, and even then he’s situational. He needs health buffs.
War Blade is only good for countering a fully charged Hex Witch or Princess Portal in guild wars. Other than that, she’s not too good. She could use an attack speed boost, and her white skill should be increased. It does not match up well to Inspiration.
Wander Woman seems like the kind of hero who could be good in theory but actually is not in practice. Her rage could help some low-attack speed heroes (and maybe some high ones). Her green skill is a selfish version of Excess Bandages, but what I’m most disappointed about is her blue skill. Now, no one ever uses her, but she seems like, in theory, she could be the best counter to howling claw or scarred brawler (but not both at the same time). If she instantly blinds the highest attack power hero for the whole game, she could effectively nerf both of those heroes. Now that’s probably way too much, but she could definitely be more effective if tweaked. The only thing she has going for her is Inspiration.
Nightstalker is good for one-on-one, but that’s it. His Finisher skill is pretty good (unless it hits Brawler and he doesn’t die, which often happens to me in Arena). His white skill is super good against Thick Skull, but it goes too quick and starts too late. By that point, Totem has made my front liners run a mile and then some trying to catch up to him.
Loyal Squire is best for Inspiration. His Vigor Mortis rarely ever activates because he never kills anyone. His green skill should be changed, and I think it would be good for it to change to Mighty Blow. His stun is good if there’s one enemy left, but by that point it’s not really needed.
Feral Brute has an interesting skillset but he’s not solid enough to use. His white skill pauses every time he gets hit mid-channel, and you have to wait for it to charge to full again before he starts clawing again.
Rogue Bowman could be good if his skill set is buffed. He doesn’t do enough damage to justify upgrading.

Brawler Brawler Brawler Brawler Brawler is way too overpowered. Remember how many nerfs you did to Princess Portal to balance her? Yeah. Do that here. Brawler is way too overpowered. Frenzy probably does most of it but he’s super deadly because he only needs basic attacks to deal damage. As of now, only Storm Wizard and Wander Woman blind heroes, but neither of those is solid enough to truly justify their use on a team. Brawler is just overall too powerful.
Howling Claw is also super powerful but he’s also super squishy. He typically dies quickly but he puts in good work before dying. He should stay as he is.
Highwayman isn’t overpowered, but insanely annoying. Not for Arena or Tournament (kind of for RT) or Guild Wars, but for Crusade. He has the highest energy regen per second at 11, which means I have very little time to stop him from cursing my entire team. Be it possession, stunning, silencing, or killing, I do not move on to the next battle if Highwayman curses my heroes. This makes crusade a real pain. I end up spending half an hour resetting the last 2 stages because highwayman curses my heroes. Please, either time his curses or have them lift when he dies.
Oasis is extremely powerful but many people do not get to enjoy his power. I have him leveled but not enough to be truly usable. I can’t get his shards (I don’t spend), gear is torture (especially those slingshots, since everyone needs at least 5 of them), and I have no spare hero XP. His crowd control is extremely good. I’d say don’t change him simply because I love seeing him put Brawler into bubbles :grin:
Hex Witch heal is too powerful. I wasn’t sure why you guys lifted Life Steal from 20% to 70%. It was too much. I cannot tell you how many times Hex Witch has wiped out an entire team from that, starting from low health and ending to max. Lower the Life Steal please.
Whirling Dagger is extremely powerful, and I have no idea why. 5 seconds into the battle and she has my Hex Witch at half life. I am absolutely clueless as to how she does that.
Totem Prince is simply annoying in that he makes everyone chase him. He’s meant to do that, but it’s just annoying.

I’m looking for Howling Claw and Mass Destruction. All the heroes I am using now I have maxed in shards, and I’m looking to collect shards for heroes I plan to use in the future or who I anticipate I may use later.

I can’t give you any answer that doesn’t involve around “heroes I use but do not have starred fully yet,” so I’ll leave that question out.

At least 15 for Tournament and Guild Wars. My teams look like “89-89-89-75-89” or “89-88-89-89-60.” At least 15 to be competitive in those.

I absolutely do. I have developed a formula for Crusade. My back line is PP, Hex, Spell (with a low-health, fully charged Hunter for the last battle). I charge all my front liners, and then switch those as I see fit. My dungeon team revolves around Hex Witch chaining her white skill and decimating anyone who stands in her way.

HERO XP ALL THE WAY. The only reason why I can’t level up heroes is because I don’t have the spare hero XP to do so. I have 9 heroes at level 89 and I will hit the level cap in a few days. I need a long time to catch up heroes that I want to use. I don’t want to see another level cap increase until the new year (it would be a welcome Valentine’s Day gift, though :D)

There has been talk of orange skills, and I don’t know how I feel about that. Introducing orange skills would cause an extremely long period of buffs and nerfs to restabilize heroes.


It is a cool game to play and the heroes are great

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The first posts are extremely comprehensive and all I can do is echo what has been said before.

Oasis is far too powerful ATM. I would reduce the amount of time that stasis bubble lasts by a little, not too much. And then do the opposite of what you just did to hermit, double his basic attack damage and cut his attack speed in half. (Might require slight damage adjustment for his other skills) The knockback is OP.

HIGHWAYMAN! Grrr… so frustrating. His curse literally never wears off. But other than the curse, he doesn’t do much so I think a 3 or 5 second curse would keep him relevant but make him counterable.

Brawler is OP but can be easily countered by OP Ginger(stun is too long) and by OP Totem(too good at too many things as stated by warchief).

The Grizz is powerful but I think I like him where he is.

Whirling Dagger seems to either do absolutely nothing and I walk over the enemy team, or she kills my whole backline and my tanks ponder the purpose of their existence.

Oh yeah, and Ember Wisp. She’s definitely broken atm. She seems to regen to full health every time a team mate dies and also bleed my team. But if you use princess portal on ember and anyone else, the royal ball bounces back and forth and it looks like everyone’s healthbar is emptying and then suddenly ember is full health and your team is dead. I’m not really sure what’s going on with that and will send a ticket if I can screenshot it properly.

Scion seems OP in arena but I have insufficient data to have an opinion.

Wander woman, loyal squire, feral brute, elder Mohawk, swashbuckler, and light warden are all tragically under powered and all the gold, gear, and XP I have in them feel wasted.

Definitely need at least 15 maxed, probably 20 to allow for flexibility.

Currently working on finishing off the 5th star on Mass Destruction and Shield Maiden, and starting to get ember wisp.

Would love to see birdbarian in the shops as soon as he’s off the monthly. He seems interesting. I’d like to see older Heros get buffed and put back into the shops. That would be so much fun and it would reward old players by letting them use older nostalgic toons and reward new players by keeping the early Heros usable. Also put mystic punk in shops plz.
Crusade shop should rotate more often.

brawler, ginger, highway, hex, pp is the go to line anywhere. In crusade and dungeon, replace brawler with howling claw and highway with spellbinder. In arena, replace brawler with totem. In guildwars, every A team is something, ginger, hex, pp, something. The only interesting fights are the ones where you no longer have those heros available.

XP is definitely the largest obstruction, followed closely by shards. Several Hero’s shards can only be obtained from early elite levels, and early elite levels have very poor rewards for the stamina cost.

Orange skill would severely complicate an already unbalanced meta. Would like a 6th star or a shard shop to trade for other shards or tokens to help other heros up.
If instead of having preset items that each character will wear, why not make orange items interchangeable? For orange items and orange items only, you can choose whether you want a health giving item or a damage boosting item in that slot. If you want you could also make it re-equipable so heros could be modified for a specific battle.

TLDR: highwayman needs 5 second curse. Oasis needs nerf. Brawler needs nerf too. Old toons should be in shops. Orange update ideas.

Okay, I’ve been thinking a lot about Ginger and how he can be fixed. Here are a few thoughts.

First, what’s the deal with Ginger? Ginger has a 3(?) second stun that targets (what seems to be) the enemy with the highest maximum power. This is not always true (underlevelled heroes, for example) but as a general rule of thumb. Since this changes every patch, trial and error is required to use him efficiently.

Ginger is used in 90% of all defensive arena comps at high level (I made the number up, but I can’t be far off).

Ginger is used in an amount close to that in keep defenses, and everyone has Ginger in one of their defensive teams.

Ginger is used in 90% of all A-teams (for info on where I got this number, see above).

Ginger has been nerfed repeatedly. It has not affected his usage at all.


For starters, when Ginger entered the meta the game was different. There were no powerhouse DD fronts, instead the second front spot was occupied by Squire or Stone. Gingers damage plsyed a huge part here, and crossing was the go-to strategy. Ginger (backed up by hermit-boosted PP) normally finished off both enemy frontlines.

Since then Gingers damage has been nerfed to the point of him becoming a support hero. However, there has been several new heroes released: notably Claw and Brawler.

With Claw and Brawler, there is no longer any need for damage. All you want is support, to let them wreak havoc. This is Gingers current spot in the meta: by disabling Brawler or Claw, your team gains a huge advantage against non-ginger teams.

His role is obviously problematic, but you keep nerfing the damage, which does not affect his usability at all. The stun is the problem.

How can we counter this?
Three suggestions:

  1. Change Gingers targetting mechanism. By making him always charge straight instead, he becomes less useful in defense (especially in arena), while maintaining the same (or even a slight buff in) his attack capabilities. It would also make him more nopb friendly.
  2. In combination with this, make Feral useful. By increasing Ferals damage (base damage around 20%, white around 100%) he could become the perfect counter with his tenacious skill.
  3. Lower the duration of the stun by 2s, but add a 100% slow for those seconds. This would make him as powerful as now against Brawler/Claw while making him less useful against heroes like Stone, who are waaaay out of meta atm.

If I’m right (I mainly want to get the discussion going so I’m open to the possibility I’m not :p), this would have three consequences: Ginger would still be amazing offensively, but be severely nerfed defensively. Feral Brute would enter the meta as a Ginger-counter, and Ginger would no longer be the counter to early skills (totem/stone etc). Ginger would be used to take out DD tanks early on and have a designated role, rather than be the go to hero for all comps.


I’ve realised that no one’s talked mucch about salty merc

i won’t go into detail for every hero, just one general remark: there are some backline heroes i don’t really feel comfortable with and you need more of those than frontline heroes.
at the moment there are as many frontline heroes as backline heroes (if i’m able to count…), so naturally you can’t choose as many backline teams as frontline teams.
so i’d like more backline heroes :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!
I decided to crack some numbers today. I’ll post them with full transparency so you can all double check them.

I currently have 7 heroes on lvl 1, 1 on level 25, 1 on level 55, 3 on level 60, 3 on level 80 and 19 on level 82.
The amount of Hero Experience required to max all these heroes is 14,283,855(.00).

Daily we receive 288 xp from the standard rate (12/hr), 180 from quests, and, if we refill twice (which we should), 240 from refills. That’s a total of 708 stamina: we’ll be using this as the basis for an active player with daily deal but a VIP level far below 10.

If we raid the last node on chapter 9, it gives us about 1100 xp, with an average drop of about 400 (optimistic, but not too far off). This gives us the number 1500 xp per raid. It costs 10 stamina, so that’s roughly 150 xp per stamina.

Purely from raiding normal campaign, we should therefore receive 106,200(.00) hero xp daily.

Trials adds roughly 104,000(.00) xp when the trial is up, which it is 4 days per week. This gives us roughly 59,428(.57) daily xp.

The total so far amounts to 165,628(.60) of daily hero xp.

Now, we should not (which I first did) forget xp purchased for gold+tokens. Today I received about 30,000, but it usually averages higher. I used 50,000(.00) as a model.

Total then averages 215,628(.60) xp per day, if you do everything you can to gain hero xp.

Remember the first number? It’s cool, I can paste it again:
I need 14,283,855(.00) to max all my heroes.
With 215,628(.60), it would take me 66(.24287) days to bring them all up to speed.

That’s 66 days of ignoring shards, spending all the tokens available on xp and not missing a single quest or hourly gain.

I just wanted you to have these numbers for if/when you are reworking the hero xp gain, because this is currently what it looks like for a lot of players. Since I have been buying xp for tokens since pretty much day 1 (and use both the daily deal and diamond rewards from challenger arena), I am fairly certain a lot have it worse.

Edit: numbers are for S2, so “max” is calculated based on xp required for hero level 85.


Queremos más XP
Uploading… Más exp

Thanks for all of your awesome input! We’ll be compiling your feedback and posting a summary here soon!

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