Feedback Summary!

Greetings everyone!

Thank you all very much for your feedback! We’ve got some answers to your most common questions!

War Feedback Summary

More communication and organization tools were commonly requested features for War to help Guilds plan their attacks as a team.
This is something we started looking into shortly after War was finalized as a feature. All in all, we consider adding more tools for communication a very high priority addition to War. Ideas we’re considering at this time include things like a unique Guild War or Officer Chat, ways to mark Towers to attack, and ways to request War Stamina or point out which player should be receiving Stamina. While we weren’t able to get any major War additions or tweaks into the upcoming Update 1.2, we plan to add some of these communication improvements in stages in 1.3 and on. Keep an eye on future patch notes!

The rough consensus on War rewards were that they felt alright, but the Season rewards seem a little weak.
It’s always important to us that Portal Quest feels rewarding for the milestones and achievements players accomplish. Until we see how this first Season shapes up, it’s tough to gauge how appropriate the rewards are in the long run. It’s something we definitely will keep an eye on and will be making sure that the rewards feel worthy of the effort.

Perks are fun! However, it would be cool if there were more non-War related Perks.
Absolutely! The Guild Perk system is in its early stages and we were mostly focused on War with the 1.1 update. However, don’t be surprised if more Perks to come in future updates!

War Strategy seems to boil down to “pick the weakest route to the Town Hall.”
Making sure strategy plays are major part in War is a huge goal for the feature and we will continue to focus on making sure that strategies can be varied. The minor accomplishment we have seen so far is that properly organizing your Guild is super important, Wars are definitely more than just “who’s got the stronger lineup of Heroes.” Mage Towers are big part of where diverse strategies come in for War and we expect that as more Guilds unlock and upgrade them, strategies will start to evolve.

Wars are races that regularly end in the same day.
It’s not an explicit goal that Wars end quickly and function as a kind of race. On the contrary, we’d prefer that they allow players to log in and make attacks at their relative leisure. This should change as Perks continue to be unlocked. More lineups and Mage Towers should function as ways to slow down the current pace, but it’s tough to evaluate right now. A “who’s logged in first” race doesn’t provide for a meaningful strategic experience and we’ll be watching how strategies and War durations change over the next few weeks.

Hero Balance Feedback Summary

Cogmaster, Mystic Punk, Mass Destruction, and various others feel underpowered at the moment.
It’s our goal to make sure that the majority of Heroes feel appropriately balanced and fun to use. There’s certainly a few that we’re aware are lagging behind. Keep in mind, not all Heroes are equally strong in all modes. A Hero that is not great in Arena might excel in Crusade or vice versa. As an added reward for reading this, here’s some early info on some balance changes! Cogmaster’s getting both more Base HP and more Base Damage because the poor guy’s sat on the bottom for too long. Mystic Punk is on our radar at the moment. He’s more of a unique counter-hero so we’re keeping an eye on overall balance before jumping to improve him. Mass Destruction got a buff in the last patch, but we’re also rolling back the previous functionality change on Surprise Ending. Spell Binder is also getting some changes to make more worthwhile. While she’s got a great Skill, the amount it’s able to be used in battle is a little too short at the moment. Check these changes out in the next patch!

Princess Portal and some others are all a little too powerful.
We never like nerfing Heroes. We super don’t like doing it. However, the game definitely isn’t as much fun if only a couple powerful Heroes are all it takes for the enemy to destroy your team. Princess Portal is one of these Heroes so expect us to nudge her into a more balanced place in the next update (but not too much, though!). Expect a few soft tweaks to Heroes in 1.2 that help make more lineups viable!

Other Feedback Summary

A Guild Wall and other communication features would be great additions.
As mentioned in the War feedback, we’re very much looking to add new ways for Guild members to communicate, in particular for War, because War needs a lot of organization! We’ve got a deep list of ideas, but only so much room in the schedule to bring them into the game. Expect 1.3 and future updates to add a couple features here and there to improve things!

More features! New game modes! Survival Modes! Spar in Chat! Wooo!
Yes! Yes! Yee! Yeah! and more Yes! We’ve got more modes and features coming in future updates. 1.2 will already include Sharing Lineups and Sparring in Chat and another cool Guild feature! 1.3 will bring a mode that lets you use a deeper bench of Heroes and for 1.4 we’re working on a mode that’s so cool it’s too tempting not to spoil. So, as always, keep an eye out for patch notes and feature announcements!


shouldn’t power play a stronger role than it currently is? war is already too fast as it is with very little action or strategy. right now it’s get everyone on at once then race in a straight line. power of line ups would slow that down but would require removing npc.

if you incorporated a players entire line up to defense and attacks that would add strategy as you would need to be presice in planning layout and when to use your heros. this would also add more content to wars.

also using multiple war start times would benefit the time zone issue. in titan empires we had 2 starting times am/ pm to choose from and that worked well for everyone.

[quote="Ironangel, post:1, topic:1573"]

and for 1.4 we’re working on a mode that’s so cool it’s too tempting not to spoil.

If you say A… You gotta say B

Awesome changes etc

I have a HUUUGE idea for the game that will make it much more challenging for the future.

Like in a season or 2… It was presented from a Guildie… I will make a post about it. But I personaly think its too early for that change


Definitely support this.


Definitely don’t support this. The problem isn’t only about guilds being in different timezones, but also about how much members are spread across the globe. Currently, guilds with all members available soon after a war starts have a huge advantage in both ways. I think both issues should be dealt with at the same time, by forcing wars to take longer to finish, which is what the devs are already trying to do. It would be a waste if there are also different warring times then, since you either would never be able to war against certain guilds or you would lose the fun of a live battle/race.

I think what the game developers are trying to accomplish is that strategy plays the biggest role, not power. Soon, almost all guilds will have multiple lineups per player, and there will be a lot of fights needed to win a war. Then it should matter less whether the one person who can defeat that lvl 70 is on or not, than how the guild decides to fight the other guild. It’s about choosing the right paths, which can be defeated by most members. It shouldn’t be a power battle. That would also increase the amount of points that have to be donated to stronger players even more, an issue which can’t really be resolved but also shouldn’t be made worse.


Swashbuckler seems to have a crush on princess portal.


The biggest issue I see so far is that as a player you’re really limited to developing your top 5 characters. Stamina required for campaign battles is too much and the experience given is not enough to level up new characters in a line up.

Arena battles are only for the top 5 thus reinforcing my above comments. Arena battles should be similar to faction wars (Mortal Kombat X) and combine the guild wars which are pretty lame. Also, how am I being defeated by a team that has over a 1,000 less power than my team when they are the same levels and colors and all of my skills are maxed out. Make it so you can see the other teams line up and skill and stats. Again, similar to Faction Wars.

Tower should be a tower and not limited to 2 battles per day. Open up all levels of play Very Easy to the Hardest one you have and let the user fight through the tiers earning the rewards for each tier. This will allow us to play with weaker teams and build them up before entering them into harder play. Perhaps combine tower and trials for more rewards.

Fortress. Not sure what the point of this is.

After reading the intended updates for 1.2 it looks like you addressed characrer concerns I have.

I really do have fun playing this game. Thank you for allowing us to make it better.


I’d like to make some comments on your reaction.
Firstly, you say ‘should’. Do remember, it’s their game, you’re only free to play it. Also, other players have opinions too, which might differ from yours.

Everyone, of course, doesn’t have enough experience or gold to level all their heroes before reaching the cap. But the point of that is to force people to carefully choose their heroes. If anyone can switch at any point between different heroes, they wouldn’t need to put any strategy into thinking about the hero they’re going to level.

It is frustrating how weaker players can easily beat your lineup, but lately, after changing my lineup a little, the problem decreased for me.
Thus, I suggest you blame your lineup for this.

If this were to happen, there would be no (or less of a) surprise factor in arena battles, since they could be calculated a lot more beforehand. You can already see the levels, stars and color, so I think you can make a pretty good guess about the skills and gear.

I’m not a 100% sure about what you mean with ‘a tower being a tower’. I think the tower is quite like a tower. I’m guessing you want it to be more like the crusade, with unlimited tries but increasing difficulty. This game has implemented that in the crusade, no need to decrease the difference between the two.

Quite obviously, guilds weren’t just about the name and now aren’t just about warring a bit. It’s also about working together, and fortress does achieve this. There’s no need for real coordination, but you do need your guild to get the rewards, and need to participate actively. There might be no point to it, but there’s also nothing wrong with it.

I feel like you have some good things to say, so if you think one of your ideas is really genius, I suggest you create a feedback thread to allow everyone to tell you how awesome it is :slight_smile:


When you show the chat on the home screen there’s no way of knowing if somebody said something in the Guild chat. It’s the most important chat of all and yet all we see is the general one scrolling up with no lights or notifications if there’s something being said in the Guild chat. There needs to be a notification light for Guild chat next to the chat icon on the main screen. The other Chad is nice but Guild Chat is by far the most important. Please add a red light next to the chat icon when there has been a new message posted in Guild chat.


I’m thinking about another minor improvement: the possibility to check the arena ranking on the Player profile

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No recibo los premios de las “pruebas”.

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Clarification please?
In which situation do you not receive rewards?

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[image] I would love to understand as to why I was silenced in VIP? As from my screen shot there is nothing for to be to silenced about.apart from a complaint that may have come from someone else?I understand there is clicks within the game,I’m fully aware of this but as a paying customer I surely…


Sorry this was the full message…Screenshot_20170715-000154.png1080x1920 950 KB

I would love to understand as to why I was silenced in VIP? As from my screen shot there is nothing for to be to silenced about.apart from a complaint that may have come from someone else?I understand there is clicks within the game,I’m fully aware of this but as a paying customer I surely deserve an explanation as to why I get kicked from Vip when I ha went offended or swore in VIP.lwts not forget VIP is a paid privelage and I paid for it and shouldn’t be silenced for nothing

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If you want to contact their CS, you should raise a ticket in game. From the home screen, click your character, scroll down and click “support”.


I’ll add that I’d like to control which chats get red dots in general, and have that preference carry into putting the red dot on the chat bubble. I can turn off toaster previews but can’t switch off the red dot on VIP or give the chat bubble a red dot for Guild or Friends.


You got silenced for saying your guilds the best?