Feedback Wanted: Portal Lords

Feedback Wanted: Portal Lords

Hey folks! With the first ever Portal Lords now in our rear view window, we wanted to open an official feedback thread to gather any and all thoughts about the system as a whole. In our earlier post, What to Expect, we mention that your feedback will be very important towards making the feature the best it can be and hopefully with the What We Hear post we’ve already laid out a few of the areas we’re most focused on.

With a previous update, we’ve resolved the issue of impossible Quests appearing in the Quest Log for certain servers and with today’s update we’ve fixed a few more of those notorious issues that appeared.

We’ve got a smaller update coming first, but the team is already working to iterate on some of the early Portal Lords feedback we’ve heard for an update that will shortly follow that one.

We’d love to hear from you all on topics such as:


Aside from the physically impossible Quests, which Quests did you not enjoy doing? Which quests were the most fun? How would you like to see Quests be adjusted in a future event?

Rewards (Tiered Rewards / Lord’s Prize / Guilded Bounty)

How did the rewards feel compared to the amount of effort spent to acquire them? How do you like the addition of cosmetic items (Skins, Stamps, Borders) to the game? What new stuff would you like to see as rewards?

Clarity & Polish

Was interacting with the Portal Lords feature a smooth experience? Was there anything was especially confusing? Did your Guild Members get hung up on anything that needed to be explained?

Play Mechanics

Did the overall mechanics of the event make sense and feel fun? For example: did 3 Quests per member per day feel like too much or too little? How did claiming rewards feel? Did the rewards system as a whole make sense?

Anything Else

Any and all feedback on the system is welcome. Let us know what you loved or hated about it as we want to take it all into consideration as we look towards our first real set of improvements to the Portal Lords feature.

As always, thanks for taking the time to let us know what you think. We can’t promise that all of your suggestion will make it into the game, but it’s great to hear from our community. Thanks for helping us make Portal Quest the best game it can be!


The prizes are good (more looting tickets pls) although I saw some prizes that apparently is just filling.
Like 1 fragment of a orange item.

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Perhaps fighting 10 players in the arena quest be at least 24 hours long? I think the quest only lasted 1-4 hours, which may prove to be a problem to free to plays who may not have access to the game at all times.


For full and active guilds, the number of available quest slots was definitely too small and most players were expected to hang around almost all day or miss out on being able to participate.

This could be alleviated by increasing the number of available offers on the board (twice as many feels about right) OR
by having an offer refresh immediately once completed successfully.


This was a big one, no “wasted” tiers please (especially farther on!) It took the wind out of the sails of our newer players until I blew through all the 1400+ point quests and launched us past two more. Sometimes a bad set of rewards makes the casual guys lose interest (by chance we wound up with a lot of time intensive but completable quests in the lower bracket like x million damage or disarm traps at one time, so those who bounce in and out just for war and fort couldn’t do them.) I think on the places with just one orange item silver chests or tickets might have gone over better. Or fortress tokens or tournament tokens for those smaller guilds, since those take the longest. It feels cheap but 1 of 50 looks a lot less welcoming if that’s making any sense. “I need how many more? Why bother?” I mean it’s nice to start collecting early but, I can see knowing it only costs you 20 sp once you’re there making it feel like a filler tier.

Iam: quests carry over after reset, if someone wants to claim an arena quest make them say so in group chat, then they take it an hour before the day changes, there’s 10 attempts right there.
This was also handy for many dungeon and damage quests as you will have 3 whole dungeons or crusades to utilise. I slammed through 2 big ones that way, 8 and 10! Finally got rid of my backlog of torches.

Basically if you know you can come back before rollover, leave one ready to go.

Also doubling the amount of available quests would definitely made winding up with all one type less likely.

Reposting this one from previous thread: but sometimes your damage done isn’t added, it’s pretty rare and I don’t know how it was happening though. Once I did notice it seems around every million damage you needed on average three more fights, at least for me. Didn’t seem consistent enough to be a skill.

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I am aware of that but not all people are going to be available when the day resets.

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Yeah but that’s why you need to schedule it ahead of time. Also uh, make sure they’re in an easier bracket or in the top 5 first, of course. Might be a good idea to select some people to stay one tier behind in arena (or if just promoted only fight the very next person in line)

I’m treating it like not doing campaign quests except during stamina contests, for reference.

Great timing on that last one coming up during portal lords btw! I plowed through all the 80 in chapter x ones and starred up 8 people.

I’ll summarize what I said the other thread:

-There were a couple typos in quest descriptions

-15k points in royal tourney in 8 hours is way too much. Not only does it require spending a handful of diamonds (and being vip), it’s also very unlikely that you’ll find a big enough mismatch to be able to clear it.

-Influence quests are all too easy

-all crusade quests should be one spot higher in difficulty


-interguild interaction. I think it was very low this first run through as no one really knew what to expect. I assume that overtime more guilds will communicate with each other to try and form strategies to be in the winning faction.

it’s different, adding an element of depth to the game allowing players more options of things to do when they log on

Rewards, a new way to earn then compete for the items and resources that we all need.


Rewards, for a week-long event that requires organization within your guild and with the other guilds in your faction is a lot of work to do. The Lord’s prize could definitely have had less of the new cosmetic items and more resources instead.

Guild wall. This is been mentioned in other threads but I’ll put it here. The completed Quest notifications are clogging the guild wall.

unfinishable quests.

not enough quests available. The amount of slots for available quests needs to be increased.

communication. There needs to be a chat within the portal Lord’s feature. Perhaps one for each faction so that guilds have a way to communicate.

buying quest chances. I think it’s likely that many players would have purchased more than the one per event that was allowed this time. 1 per day?

A tiered price structure for buying quests? For example 25 diamonds for common 50 diamonds for uncommon Etc
error messages when attempting to claim a completed Quest. A few members of my guild saw this issue and have submitted tickets.

dungeon Quest. It seemed to me that a large percentage of the quests this week were centered on the dungeon. I’d like to see this balanced out so that the quests available are involving all aspects of the game.

the colored faction bar on the score tab needs a number in it. Showing how much each faction has earned


I know it was mentioned about the impossible quests or bugged quests but it does feel that a lot of the focus players who took that first epic bugged quest screwed us all huge in the contest. So far it seems it only affected Focus lord players unless someone can say otherwise or provide proof like we all did on a previous thread. The one epic quest that 99% of us had to abandon worth 2000 points screwed our numbers in rankings with finesse and fury, we all lost one quest possible to have completed towards the contest of even trying to earn higher rewards and there was no compensation for it. Even through bug reports and proof pictures from multiple users on here and the only thing that was said was sorry, wait for patch fix. Still screwed us all in the contest. I understand bugs happen but in a contest like that with no work around or compensation for it was a turn off. Anyways rant done, next one will either have my guild or not. We’ve all been humming and hawing still about that BS that happened.

On a positive note, why don’t you make borders and colours more attainable through like gold chests or spend diamonds for unique ones? Never mind only through these contests because like stated above we all got screwed while everyone enjoys other stuff, we get screwed, get sent a sorry and achieve a poop coloured border. Yay?

still my main point i guess:

  • the whole thing rather feels like a race against the timer than competing with other guilds. i think an average of 3 per member is fine. maybe 4 would be good. but. the number of quests available should be a lot more. and i still like the idea of a quest donation bank i described here What We Hear: Portal Lords a few days ago.

more feedback, yay:

  • quests i didn’t like: “spend 3k diamonds” and “fight a lot of players in the arena”. stuff that you can’t complete by dedication but only with money. or, of course, start saving diamonds right now and don’t spend a single one until the next portal lords event. but even then, if you’re a free to play player, you can’t reset arena chances, so can’t complete this quest

  • quests i did like: of course all dungeon related ones except the “epic gear shard shrine” one. also i liked that there was a quest about posting a line up in chat. small stuff like that would really be fun i think - if you wouldn’t have to basically only take high-ranked quests for the points…

  • i like the idea of gear shards as rewards. but. please. i can get as many orange items in the dungeon as i like / need. purple ones on the other hand… not so much. i’d very very much rather like to see purple scraps (fairy ferns, respected embassadors, poisoned darts, minion masks,…) than orange gear.

  • also i am fine with cosmetics, think i like the costumes. fan of the fact that this is supposed to not be as stressful. but the last progress reward being the most useful made impossible for most guilds works against the thought of ‘not stressful’.

  • love the idea of a faction chat

  • also agree with people before me that somewhere we should be able to see how many points each faction has

  • don’t like the idea of borders in gold chests. if people want to spend diamonds on cosmetics, let them. but please don’t put them somewhere where they replace something maybe useful i badly need :smiley:

looking forward to the next portal lords event :slight_smile:

  • a portal lords chat for your own guild, (under the portal lords chat tab)

  • more statistics in general under portal lords
    -which quests a guild member did, by tapping on them in the score tab, filtered by member (score)
    -How much each faction has got

  • quests that involve all aspects of the game, e.g. crusade, tower, trials, sparing, chests


The portal Lord’s would be better if y’all could have a better way to get more rewards by lessening the time length that you have to wait so you can have your 3 chances again. Well in my opinion at least and another thing can you give more chances also like 5 or 6 Ty. King Q over and out haha

I’d like to start by saying thanks for the work and effort put into the event… my thoughts on what could be changed is… we already have player based daily quests and guild effort war and fortress. we need to work together for the war and have a way of sharing the load for the players that have limited time or abilities to take part such as attack point bank it would really be nice to see something similar for the event… maybe adding a twist to it like giving each player 4 chances and allowing them to donate only after they have completed 1 quest or a minimum of 800 points or something along those lines. also a way to exchange chances and quests with other guilds would be nice but make us work for it lol… as for the rank rewards i feel that cosmetics should be acquired by choice not have to work and spend resources we have earned to have to make a choice of 3 rewards that are cosmetic same with the guilded reward we spent resources to get there something that we could justify spending those resources on would be nice… for what it was i feel the work you put in is appreciated and i know that PB would rather sell me resources as opposed to giving them to me in a competition but free players play a part in the grand scheme by being here to play against and chat with the pay to play players lol but spending resources we can’t afford in an event to get a purely cosmetic reward makes no sense… thanks for your time and thank you for all your efforts


The skin offered to winning guilds is the exact same one as in the last portal lord quest… Doesn’t really motivate me to participate.



Portal lords first place every lords so far… same stamps… almost becoming pointless doing portal lords. Whats the go ?


I think it would be great if guild members could exchange gear and/or scraps. Maybe a guild store where members could sell items to each other. Or even an option to send gear and/or scraps as gifts to guild members.

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With how many scraps it takes for some newer items (especially orange that craft to orange :disappointed_relieved:) it’s probably a good idea to have a scrap store of some kind now, even if it’s only available say during Portal Lords (for passing back and forth earned scraps you don’t need for instance earned during)


Now that we have had a few PL.
I would like to let you know that those who strive to do all their quest and those who take a free ride. Is discouraging to say the least…
I would also like to see more Rewards. Like Drops, Resets, ect… To replenish our inventory. Maybe get multiple Rewards on each Tier, even. Torches should come in a much lager quantity, also.
There’s a lot of unhappy Questers, who give their all.
Timers should stop when a Forum, Update or patch interrupts Quest. We can not be expected to sit on the game. To get back in… Start the timer when the Quester can return.
Duplicate stamps, really? You can’t see who already has those? Would you like some Ideas and/or design help?
When you have Drops running, the Tab is over the Dungeon Rooms Hero location button. Running the timer down and Torches. Please move one and it effects regular play, aswell.
I would suggest rewarding the Ones who put their Heart into PL. Such as the higher achievers in their Guilds. Would help with insentive, all around.
Thank you.
Lady Storia


Sorry, should of been more clear on higher achievers. I didn’t mean the pay for play. For those who try to achieve their Quest. Be it, Opening a Gold box or a Daily Quest…